New Securities Account

For investing and trading you can open a securities or brokerage account conveniently in internet. Compare the terms and conditions of the accounts and open the account today!


Brokerage account

Securities account

Trading price-list in investor complete price list
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complete price list
Price list eligibility At least 12 trades semi-annually starting from the opening of the account Minimum number of trades not required
Access Only via Internet bank Via branches, phone banking and Internet bank
Permitted transactions Buy and sell orders; transfers free of payment Buy and sell orders; transfers against payment and free of payment
Trading counterparty Only Swedbank Any counterparty
Other limitations/special conditions Account can not be opened by USA, Norwegian and Finnish citizens nor residents Securities transactions allowed via phone banking
Terms and conditions Conditions for Providing Investment Services
(effective as of 03.01.2018)
Conditions for Providing Investment Services
(effective as of 03.01.2018)
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