Information about international settlements

You can transfer money to foreign banks or receive money from abroad through your account in Swedbank. If your account does not contain the currency in which you wish to make the payment, the bank will convert the relevant amount on the basis of the exchange rate valid at the moment the payment is made. You must fill in an international payment order if you wish to transfer money abroad.


International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is the international standardised format of your account number. BIC (also known as a SWIFT code), is an 8 or 11-digit combination of letters (or letters and numbers), which allows for identification of the beneficiary's bank upon processing international payments. Swedbank's BIC, i.e. SWIFT code, is HABAEE2X.

NB! Using the international account number IBAN and the BIC/SWIFT of the beneficiary’s bank on the international payment order guarantees that money moves faster and you save on costs. If the beneficiary’s account number has not been given in the IBAN format and foreign bank therefore submits a service fee claim to Swedbank, it will be deducted from the client’s account.

More about IBAN

International payments in Chinese renminbi yuan (CNY)

According to Chinese Republic law International payments in CNY are not allowed from/to private persons.
International payments in CNY initiated by private persons will be cancelled and returned to customer account.

Conversion of the currency

You do not need current accounts in foreign currencies if you wish to make international payments. The amount required for the transfers will be converted in your account according to the current exchange rate. The bank automatically offers special exchange rates for amounts starting at 10 000 euros converted between 8 am and 5 pm on business days. The special rate depends on the amount and the specific currency.

The same conversion principle is also applied to international receipts. The foreign currency received in your account as a result of an international payment is automatically converted into euros on the basis of the current exchange rate.

Foreign currency can be held in the account by separate agreement.