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Private Portfolio

Private Portfolios are meant for people who value their time and convenience upon investing their money

The Private Portfolio suits you if you want to enter the financial world but you do not want to engage in daily investments.
By entering into a Private Portfolio contract, you agree the objectives, and the subsequent investment decisions will be made by the professionals in their field. You will be kept constantly informed of the investment results via the Internet Bank.

More about the advantages

    An easy way to invest – choose a strategy according to your objectives and risk tolerance

    You choose the investment strategy according to your objectives and your risk tolerance.

    Actively managed investment strategies

    You choose a strategy according to your needs and your risk tolerance; we choose the substance of the strategy and manage it actively.

    Flexibility in investing money

    You can invest money on monthly basis subject to the contract by direct debit or at the time and in the amount at your option. Similarly, you can take the money into use at any time.

    Convenient tracking of investments in the Internet Bank

    Comprehensive information about the contract is available in the Internet Bank, where the owner of the contract can tract the rate of return based on the contract, cash flow information, transactions in units, and make amendments in the contract.

Good to know


Exchange of assets inside the Private Portfolio is exempt from income tax. The share of profits is subject to income tax liability only if the amount withdrawn from the contract is bigger than the one paid into it.

Taxation of life insurance contracts


If a beneficiary is determined in the Private Portfolio contract, the contract is not included in the estate. In case a Private Portfolio owner dies, the total value of the investments shall be paid to the person previously determined in the contract. The insurance shall add two more percent to the value of the investments.

Aggressive growth strategy

The objective of the strategy is to achieve maximum possible rate of return over long term which is sought to be achieved by investing in equity securities in diversified manner. This strategy suits clients with more experience in financial markets and with long-term time horizon (at least 10 years) who seek maximum growth of assets and who are willing to assume high risks for that purpose (risk comparable with equity investments - high price volatility and substantial risk of loss of large part of capital).

Private Portfolio Calculator

Savings period
Monthly payment
Choose strategy
  Positive Scenario Zero rate scenario Negative Scenario
Projected savings value at the end of period
Total premiums
Estimated total tax refund
Estimated annual average earning rates of underlying assets ( ) % % %

You liked the solution? If you are at least 18 years old and you have access to Swedbank internetbank, you can conclude the contract on-line!

All values generated by this calculator are not guaranteed and only serve as an illustrative example generated based on the values entered in the calculator. Please take into account that the value of an investment unit may increase or decrease during the contract lifetime and also the value of the reserve may accordingly increase or decrease in line with the value of the investment unit.

The calculator uses indicators and calculating logic (planned amount of insurance payment, length of collection period, expected yield and its scenarios) that differ significantly from the requirements set for main information of combined retail and insurance-based investment products. In making a choice regarding an insurance product please review the results of the forecasts set out in the yield scenario table under ‘What are the risks and what could I get in return?’ in the Key Information document.

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  • How often are the underlying assets of the strategies examined, how often are they changed and what is the basis for this?

  • How is it possible to terminate the Private Portfolio contract and what are the costs associated with the termination of the contract?

  • What should I do when I no longer want to make regular investments in the Private Portfolio?

  • Is it also possible to get a life insurance with the Private Portfolio?

Private Portfolio is a unit-linked life insurance contract. Prior to entry into the contract, please examine the terms and conditions of the contract, the price list and the short prospectus at the homepage The list of investment related risks is specified in the short prospectus. The service provider is Swedbank Life Insurance SE.

Monthly overviews of strategies

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