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Student loan

Ask of study loan from Swedbank and concentrate on your studies

  • A student loan with a state guarantee helps you cover the costs of studying either in Estonia or abroad
  • The interest rate is just 5% per annum
  • Agreement signing and early repayment is free of charge
  • You can sign the student loan agreement from 1st of August until 31st of May

Student Loan

Loan amount
Repayment holiday

Results are approximate and may differ from conditions offered to you.

Fixed interest rate
Total interest expenses

Student loan conditions

You can conclude a student loan agreement between 1 August and 31 May.

Applying for a student loan requires the following:

  • You must be a citizen of the Republic of Estonia or hold a long-term residency permit or the right of permanent residence.
  • The nominal period for your studies is six months or more.
  • You are studying full-time or part-time
    • in an Estonian public or private university or vocational educational institution or
    • in a municipal or private vocational educational institution providing vocational training based on the secondary education level or
    • in a foreign country, in an educational institution that is comparable to the above listed educational institutions.
  • You are not on academic leave.
  • You do not have any outstanding debts.

If you do not meet these conditions, visit a branch of the bank to explore other ways to finance your studies. You can find other loan options here:

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Student loan amount

During the 2020/2021 academic year, the maximum amount of the student loan received by the borrower is EUR 1250, if your nominal period of study is six to eight calendar months, and the maximum amount of the student loan received by the borrower is EUR 2500, if your nominal period of study is nine or more calendar months.

There are two options to secure a student loan:

  1. surety of two people;
  2. mortgage on real estate located in Estonia.
    • The real estate must belong to the student loan applicant or their parents.
    • Real estate collateral entails additional expenses (notary fees, state fee, and real estate appraisal).
    • If you want an additional amount next year, the real estate will have to be appraised again.

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