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Credit line

  • From 1 July 2023, it will no longer be possible to enter into new credit line agreements.
  • If you need extra money to cover unexpected expenses, a small loan is the way to go.
  • A credit card is suitable for travel.

How does it work?

Credit line is available on a separate credit account, which means that you can make transfers directly from the credit line account. You can also transfer the necessary amount from the credit line account to your daily bank account. This enables you to withdraw credit line in cash and also use it for card payments.

You can make repayments to the credit line account at a time and in the amount of your choice. This way, you pay less interest and can use the money again.

Regular price list of bank transactions applies to these transactions.

Interest and charge arising from obligations

Interest rate start from 13%. The final interest rate depends on the amount, the borrower’s obligations and solvency. Interest has to be paid only for the days you actually use the money.

Charge arising from obligations is similar to monthly fee, amounting to only 1.2% per year and it is calculated from the unused amount of loan.

Automatic extension

If you have been following your contractual duties for a year and the ratio of your obligations and income is in accordance with the bank’s conditions, the credit line agreement shall automatically extend for another year according to the terms and price list valid at the moment of extension. This happens according to the terms and conditions and price list valid at the moment of extension. The bank will inform you about the terms and conditions for extending the credit limit. Upon automatic extension of credit line, the repayment period is also extended.


documentCredit line conditions

How do repayments work?

The repayments begin once you want to start to repay the used credit limit or the use period ends.

Monthly payment

Upon entering into an agreement, we will agree with you on a monthly payment of the principal amount of your credit limit over the period of repayment. This is calculated as follows: we will divide your credit line credit limit with the maximum length of the period of repayment, which is always 48 months. For example, if you apply for credit line in the amount of € 4,800, we will divide it with 48 and this results in € 100 for a monthly payment.

Repayment period

For example, if you have used € 2,000 from credit line amounting to € 4,800, upon entering into agreement, we will divide it with the obtained monthly fee, which is € 100. This way, the period of repayment is 20 months. You can no longer use the unused part of credit line during the period of repayment, which in this case is € 2,800.

Using credit limit during the period of repayment

The credit limit of the credit account of credit line can be used if you have made additional repayments to this account. This way, you can implement this amount, but it decreases by a monthly payment each month.

Repayments or monthly payment

It is taken automatically from your bank account. If you have made repayments to the credit account of credit line yourself, then a monthly payment will be first taken from the credit account of credit line.

The credit line agreement expires if the client has repaid all used credit limit, accrued interest, and the charge arising from obligations.

Early repayment

You can also partially or fully repay credit line before the end of term. In order to do this, you need to send us a bank notice through the online bank or submit an application at a Swedbank office. Partial or full premature repayment of credit line is free of charge.

Changing the credit limit

To extend the contract, please send a bank notice or visit a Swedbank office. From 1 July 2023, it will no longer be possible to increase the credit limit.

Changing the payment date or serviced account

To change the payment date or serviced account, please send a bank notice via the online bank or visit the nearest Swedbank office.

Annual percentage rate

Credit line

The annual percentage rate is 19,575% on the following exemplary conditions:

  • credit limit €2000;
  • fixed interest rate 17%;
  • contract fee €35;
  • the sum of repayments €3 020,13;
  • the total cost of the credit €1 055,13;
  • the total sum of the credit €3 055,13.

The rate is calculated on the basis that the loan is used immediately in the full amount and is in use for 5 years.

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