Supported digital wallets

Smartwatch payments

Special "Fitbit" offer for Swedbank customers!

Your watch could be your wallet.

  • Convenient - pay for your purchases with one wrist motion.
  • Safe - carry your wallet in your watch and you will always have it under your eyes.
  • Quick and easy to use - lets you make purchases quickly and effortlessly with nothing else but your watch needed.
What is it for?

Contactless payment solution designed for people who are always on the go.

You can pay with watch all over the world wherever you see the contactless payment symbol and Mastercard cards are supported. Just beep with your Garmin or Fitbit smartwatch.

Standard card purchase limits apply to paying with Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.

Supported devices and cards

Find devices with the Garmin Pay function here.

Find devices with the Fitbit Pay function here.

Mastercard cards with contactless functionality can be used for payments with smartwatches:

  • Contactless debit cards - Debit Card Plus, ISIC Mastercard Student Card, Private Banking Card.
  • Contactless credit cards - Fixed Payment Credit Card, Revolving Credit Card, Gold Revolving Credit Card.


Both Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay are entirely secure as both services meet Mastercard security requirements. Garmin and Fitbit use card industry-standard tokenization to keep every transaction private.

Digitized copy of the real card cannot be used outside of that device, no real card credentials are stored on phone or device.

Also, both Garmin and Fitbit require you to use a 4-digit PIN code for an added layer of protection.

Purchases, just like all card purchases, are covered by your bank’s protection against fraud, so you can shop stress-free.

You are free to decide at any moment to stop using the service by deleting the Wallet option in Garmin Connect mobile app or remove the card from Garmin Connect mobile app or Fitbit app. This is also how you can protect yourself if the watch is lost or stolen.