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My Budget

Know where you spend to know how to save

Track your spending and achieve your goals with the My Budget tool.

  • See all your incoming and outgoing payments in one place.
  • Get a categorised overview of your expenses.
  • Find out where your money has been spent and where you could save.

Quick overview

  • You can easily filter outgoing payments to see where your money is spent.
  • You can check combined overview of all your accounts in one view.
  • You can choose the period you want to check.
  • Your additional internet bank users, who you've granted access to, can also see a categorized overview of your spending and income.


  • You will see automatic categorization, but if you wish, you can adjust the categories.
  • You can find out how much you spend to each category to understand if you could save some money.
  • You can even split a single transaction amount into different types of categories. It will be very useful when you buy different goods with a single payment. To do this, choose transaction details and press “Split the amount”.

Convenient tracking

  • All your expenses are seen conveniently in one place.
  • You can track your incomes and expenses conveniently from your computer and smartphone - wherever and whenever you want.
  • If you give the consent, you can start to use the new tool right away!
  • My Budget tool is available from the age of 18.

You can withdraw the consent to use My Budget at any time on the Processing of Client Data page.

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