Everyday banking

  • On average, customers use the quick balance feature 17 times per month.

    Why? Because something as simple as an account balance can answers many questions:

    • Has the payment I requested arrived?
    • How much do I have left on my credit card?
    • Do I have enough money on my account for that purchase?

    Try it out for yourself! But be advised, it can be addictive.

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  • Contactless payments – an even quicker way of paying by card

    The new-generation cards allow you to make purchases to a value of up to €10 without having to slot your card into the payment terminal or enter your PIN. You only need to tap it against the terminal and voila, payment made!

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  • Everything gets done in internet bank

    All transactions can be done in internet bank. Also almost all contracts can be done online.

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  • Quick balance on mobile

    Mobile bank allows to keep track of account balance without logging in.

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