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Purchase insurance also applies to goods purchased online

Now is good time to order a bank card with purchase insurance, because the monthly fee for Revolving credit cards and Gold revolving credit cards issued from 13-26 November 2017 is €0 for the first three months!*

  • Help your child keep track of their money

    Teach your child how to use electronic money by introducing online banking solutions to them early on. Among other things, your child will get to check their balance quickly and conveniently on the Mobile Bank.

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  • Contactless payments – an even quicker way of paying by card

    The new-generation cards allow you to make purchases to a value of up to €25 without having to slot your card into the payment terminal or enter your PIN. You only need to tap it against the terminal and voila, payment made!

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  • Everything gets done in internet bank

    All transactions can be done in internet bank. Also almost all contracts can be done online.

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