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The third pillar pension funds of Swedbank to have new names from 10 June 2019.

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The Estonian pension system is made up of three pillars

1st pillar

The 1st pillar is the state pension, which is designed to cover the basic cost of living. Because the population is ageing, the number of pensioners is increasing and the share of the old age pension paid by the state is decreasing. As such, it’s becoming more and more important for people to contribute to their own future savings.

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2nd pillar

The 2nd pillar is the mandatory funded pension, which your employer deducts from your salary, with the state making its own contribution. The first two pillars combined will make up around 40% of the income you’ll receive during your retirement.

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3rd pillar

The 3rd pillar is the voluntary funded pension, meaning you can choose to save for it. The 3rd pillar is the only option for long-term saving that the state supports with a tax rebate. The 3rd pillar represents a personal asset and is one you can use before you retire should you need to.

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Pension graafik

The total of three pillars is about 65% of pre-retirement income.

By making use of all three pillars you can guarantee yourself a retirement that allows you to carry on living to the standard you’re used to.


Your income during your retirement could depend greatly on the pension solution you choose.

To maintain the established standard of living the pension should amount to ca 65% of the income before retirement. It is possible if you start early with contributions to the 3rd pillar.

The second pension pillar will be even more profitable for you

September brings several good news to pension collectors.

  • The management fees of the second pension pillar will decrease again
    Lower fees mean that your fund will raise more money and Swedbank’s pension funds will continue to be among the most favourable ones in Estonia.
  • Investment opportunities for pension funds will expand
    Due to the legislative change, we can invest a more significant part of the fund’s assets into shares. This provides a long-term collector with an opportunity to earn more.
  • The names of pension funds will be simplified.
    The number in the name of the fund now represents the proportion of the shares. For example, K3 will be called K60, meaning that the fund invests up to 60% in shares.

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