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My pension assets

Low-fee funds help your pension grow faster

  • Fees of all our pension funds are favourable.
  • New index funds in II and III pillars have the lowest fees in Estonia.
  • Our funds include both actively and passively managed funds, in both pillars.
  • New! Now you can increase your II pillar yourself.

Boost your II pillar! From 1st of January 2024 you can increase your payments to II pillar. This helps you save more without even noticing it.

Calculate my pension

Pension assets summary

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Save II pillar in a fund with low fees

If less is spent on fees, more money is left for investments. Compare how much you could win on fees.

Win from the tax relief with III pillar

By investing in III pillar, you secure your retirement and get income tax relief on your contributions.

From January 2024 you can increase your II pillar payments. Calculate, how much bigger payments help your pension money to grow.


Your payment 6% from gross salary

The most useful way to save

Your payment 4% from gross salary

Your payment 2% from gross salary

Your current payment size

Your monthly payment 0 0 0
State adds 0 0 0
II pillar size at the end of saving period 0 0 0

The returns displayed in the calculator are not guaranteed and are not based on actual market returns. The long-term historical annual return on equities used internationally is 7%, but this does not necessarily mean similar return for II pillar fund. In addition, pension funds have different risk levels and investment profiles, which also affect returns. Fees and associated risks must also be taken into account when investing. The value of an investment can increase or decrease over time, and past performance is not indicative of similar performance in the future.

II pillar is now better

Previously, the II pillar was saved with a 2 + 4 system: you contribute 2% of your monthly gross salary and the state adds 4% to it. However, this is not enough for a comfortable retirement. From January 2024, you have the opportunity to increase your contribution to 4% or 6% of gross salary. The state's contribution remains 4%.
  • Small cost now, big win in the future. Contributions to pension fund are a rather unnoticeable part of your salary, but if you save consistently over the years, it will eventually add up to a much larger amount.
  • Tax win. II pillar contribution is tax-free as it is made from the gross salary. This way, the entire amount immediately goes to pension fund and the compound interest can start working.
  • Bigger payments = bigger pension.
  • You can increase your payments conveniently in the Internet Bank and it only takes 3 minutes.
  • For the first time, the opportunity to increase your payments opens from January 1, 2024. Larger payments will start going to the pension fund from January 1, 2025.
  • From then on it works like this that the application submitted before the end of November will be valid from the following January. If you wish, you can change your payment size once a year.
Increase payments

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Find yourself a suitable fund with low fees. III pillar is one of the most useful ways to save, because you get income tax relief from your payments.
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