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Insure in Swedbank. It’s easier.

  • The only life insurance in Estonia you can take out over the Internet.
  • Casco insurance includes all-risk insurance (e.g. a fire, traffic accident, vandalism, natural disaster, theft or robbery) that damages or destroys the insured item). Free roadside assistance across Europe (24h).
  • Competitively priced travel insurance you can take out online.
  • Purchase insurance protects what you buy against theft, loss and damage
  • Third party insurance covers any damage caused to others and the driver’s medical costs.


  • Insurance claims handling
  • +372 888 2111 (24h)
  • Falck roadside assistance (free of charge for clients of Swedbank’s casco insurance)
  • +372 888 1888

Property insurance claims handling is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS and Swedbank Life Insurance SE.

Life and Property Insurance news

Did the airline cancel your ticket?

You should get travel insurance right after purchasing your airline tickets or holiday package. The insurance will compensate your travel expenses in case you fall ill or the flight gets cancelled because of bad weather.

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Insurance that is valid even if you accidentally damage the goods through your own fault

This is precisely the case. Many credit cards are accompanied by the purchasing insurance now. To activate the insurance, you only need to pay for an item with a credit card. Excess is only € 30.

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