Payment difficulties

Swedbank AS and Swedbank Liising AS enables for you the following agreement amendments:

  • interest-only period;
  • full grace period;
  • extra amount for payment of the debt;
  • extending your contract; and
  • combining small loans into one bigger loan.

Amendments to loan and leasing agreements shall be stipulated in the annexes of the existing agreements. For amending the terms and conditions of your agreement you have to contact the bank.

You also have to consider the potential costs of amending the agreement (fee for signing an annex of the agreement). You will find the amount of the agreement fee in our price list. Large agreement fees can also be paid on the basis of schedules for 3 to 12 months.

What should you do if you have payment difficulties?

We can find the best solution after we have discussed both of our possibilities, your expectations and requests. For discussing your options with us you can e-mail to us at or call our Client Helpline at 6 310 310.