Payment difficulties

In relation to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to make it easier to apply for a grace period.

Swedbank’s private and corporate customers have the option to apply for up to 6 months of grace period (up to 12 months in the case of mortgage loans) should they experience any temporary payment difficulties. The grace period applies to principal loan payments. No added fees or changes to loan conditions will be enforced. Read more from the press release.

  • It is very important that you apply for the grace period before missing any loan payment deadlines.
  • You can apply for a grade period on the internet bank.
  • The grace period is applied to principal payments while the interest payment is still due every month.
  • The postponed principal amount will be distributed to the remaining part of the loan period.

What should you do when you’re experiencing payment difficulties?

You can read about solutions that we have provided to clients down below. We can reach the best solution by discussing you wishes and expectations as well as opportunities available for you and the bank. Fill out the application for grace period and we will contact you.

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