Small loan

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Small loan is suitable for fulfilling all your wishes and plans

  • Interest as low as 15%
  • Money immediately transferred to your account
  • You can make early repayments
  • No collateral is required

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The agreement fee will be sent back by the end of the following month, at the latest. The offer applies for small loan agreements concluded during 13.11-31.12.2017.

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What is a small loan useful for?

A small loan is ideal if you start your own business, buy whitegoods or household electronics, carry out renovations, cover the cost of medical treatment.

Conditions for receipt of loan

To apply for a small loan, the average certified monthly income of the applicant in the last six months must be at least €300.

If your income is not paid to an account in Swedbank, you need to provide us the account statement for the last 6 months from the bank where your income is paid to. We also assess your previous payment behaviour.

Total of your loan and leasing payments may, depending on the size of your income, form 30-45% of your regular and certified income.

You can take a small loan in addition to your existing obligations provided that the outstanding loan balance and extra amount do not exceed €20,000.

Interest rate 15–24%

The interest rate depends on your income, obligations and the loan amount. Interest is calculated on the loan balance.

Loan for co-borrowers

It is possible to take a small loan both alone, as well as with a co-borrower. The co-borrowers have to be part of the same household, and their combined average proven income of the last 6 months has to be at least €700 a month. Both co-borrowers are solidarily liable for repaying the loan.

Repaying and amending the loan

The loan will be debited from your account in monthly repayments and you may yourself determine the payment date. You can change the contract conditions yourself in the Internet bank: repay the loan (partly or in full) before the end of its term, change the payment date or the account servicing the loan. In case you wish to repay the loan before its term, you’ll just have to terminate the contract and we shall debit the necessary amount ourselves from your account. In case you wish to repay a part of the loan, you’ll just have to send us a corresponding bank notice. In case you change the contract, fees pursuant to the price list apply.

Small loan via mobile phone

It is convenient to take a small loan also from mobile bank. In case you are already holding a pre-calculated offer, it is very easy to conclude the contract and the money will be immediately paid to your account. In case you do not hold such an offer yet, you’ll find an easy and convenient to fill in application form in the mobile bank. We reply in 20 minutes (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00).

Loan term and repayment holiday

The small loan term is minimum of 6 months and maximum of 5 years. Should you run into solvency problems you can apply for a repayment holiday of up to six months. To receive a repayment holiday, you need to send us a bank message via Internet bank or submit an application at the bank branch.
You can apply for several repayment holidays during the term of the loan.

Contract fee

The contract fee is 1.5% of the loan amount, but no
less than €35.