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Small loan

Agreement fee 0 €!

Need more money for bigger purchases?

  • Loan from €300 to €20 000.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Option for early repayment of loan without any additional fees.
  • Interest rate from 9,9%.

* To take advantage of the offer, enter the discount code in the discount code field. The offer applies to applications submitted during the period of 5–31 October 2023.

Fill in an application in 2 min Get personalized offer Sign the agreement via internet bank

Basis for the calculation

The data provided by the calculator is for information only, however it gives you an idea of what could be the size of your monthly loan payments.

The possible monthly payments for the loan are calculated on the following assumptions:

  • loan amount - 0
  • loan period -  
  • first monthly payment - starting from the second month after agreement conclusion;
  • fixed interest rate - the interest rate varies on case-to-case basis, in the example - 0 %;
  • contract fee -  ;
  • total sum of credit -  ;
  • annual percentage rate (APR*) -   %;

*Krediidi kogukulu, mis on väljendatud aastase protsendimäärana krediidisummast või krediidi ülempiirist.
Määr on arvestatud eeldusel, et põhiosa ja intress makstakse tagasi igakuiste annuiteetmaksetena.

Examples of the annual percentage rate

Small loan

The annual percentage rate is 18,47% on the following (example) conditions:

  • loan of €2000;
  • fixed interest rate of 16,30%;
  • contract fee of €15;
  • repayment period of 3 years;
  • number of repayments 36;
  • the sum of repayments €2 551,24;
  • the total cost of the credit €566,24;
  • the total sum of the credit €2 566,24.

The rate is calculated on the assumption that the amount of credit is being issued immediately and in full.

Small loan calculator

Monthly payment:

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0

Insurance against borrower's unemployment and incapacity for work helps you to pay the monthly loan payments, if for more than 30 days you:

  • unexpectedly lose your job
  • stay on sick leave due to your or your child‘s illness

The insurance agreement can be concluded only 30 days after signing the loan agreement.

  • 0
  • 35EUR
  • 0

Calculation is approximate and may differ from your personal small loan offer.

The insurance service is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS.

Regular net monthly income at least €600, with a co-borrower at least €1300. Average income in the last 6 months. If you are applying with a co-borrower, add their monthly income too. Fill in how much on average you spend each month on existing obligations (loans, leases, instalments, etc.). If you are applying with a co-borrower, add their monthly obligations too.
  • 0

The data provided by the calculator is for information only, however it gives you a picture of what could be the amount of your loan. Fill out the loan application and find out the terms of loan offered specifically to you.

Small loan can help fulfil your different plans: from planned home improvement until unexpected expenses coverage (e.g. car repairing).

We provide Small loans from €300 to 20 000. The amount you can borrow depends on your net income and any other financial obligations that you may have.

  • Fill out the application on the internet bank or Swedbank app.
  • We will inform you about the decision by phone or via SMS message.
  • If the conditions are acceptable to you, sign the agreement in the Internet bank or Swedbank app.
  • We will transfer money to your account after the agreement has been signed.
  • Annual interest fee start from 9,9%, depends on your income, obligations and the loan amount. Interest is calculated on the loan balance.
  • The agreement fee is 1,5 % of the loan amount, but no less than €3515.
  • Net monthly income at least €600, with a co-borrower at least €1300.
  • A 6-month account statement is required if your income is not transferred to Swedbank.
  • The loan will be debited from your account in monthly payment and you can determine and change the payment date.
  • The term for a small loan may be six months to five years.
  • You can prematurely repay the loan (either fully or partially) without any additional fees.

If you encounter any difficulties in repaying your loan, it is essential that you contact us immediately so that your payment history remains positive. See the possibilities and together we will find a suitable solution for you.

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Effective as of 01.09.2023
Small loan
Annual interest rate starting from 9,90%
Agreement fee 1,5% of the loan amount, no less than 15 €
Formalization of an additional amount 1,5% of the additional amount, no less than 15 €
Amendment of the agreement 25 €
Amendment of the payment date free of charge
Amendment of the servicing account free of charge
Re-registration of loan products into a small loan 1,5% of the loan amount, no less than 15 €
Repayment of the loan (including partial repayment) free of charge
Penalty ECB interest rate + 8% a year (currently 0,033% a day, 12,00% a year) ECB interest rate + 8% a year (currently 0,034% a day, 12,50% a year) The interest rate applicable to the main refinancing operations of the European Central Bank (the ECB interest rate). The ECB interest rate is published in the Ametlikud Teadaanded. The default interest rate may change twice a year (on January 1 and July 1) if the ECB interest rate has changed.
Default interest after the due date of the loan (i.e. after termination of the agreement by the bank) annual interest rate under the agreement

document Pre-contractual information of small financing products and leasing

Every new purchase can be a step towards to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Every object we purchase has it’s own environmental footprint – based on how and from what materials it is produced, transported and discarded after being used. Many people are turning to mindful consumption and looking for solutions that are more sustainable for both planet and ourselves. Be among them!

  1. Sharing economy is a great way to satisfy our needs without buying excess stuff. It can also help you save money on maintenance.
  2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For a more mindful consumption - try this: reduce unnecessary consumption, reuse what you can and recycle what you can’t.
  3. Renewable energy is one of the main drivers to tackle climate change. Having your own solar power plant is a great choice for a more sustainable lifestyle. Check out our special offer!
Sustainable products are marked with various special labels. Check them out to make a more sustainable choice when shopping.

European Union energy label

Source: European Commission

Certified B Corporation

Source: Certified B Corporation

EU Ecolabel

Source: European Commission

Household impact calculator

Click on the household's appliances and find out how much you can save while choosing more energy efficient devices.

Sustainable appliances

Yearly electricity costs

  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • 0

Calculations based on the average energy consumption of high/low-efficiency appliances, and electricity price of 0.141 EUR/kWh. Energy-efficient appliances may require a bigger investment at the start but they give back to energy & environment savings.

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