Small loan

Curious how much the bank could lend you?

  1. Find an offer. Log into the internet or mobile bank and see if you have a pre-calculated personal offer there. If there is on, you can enter into an agreement without submitting an application.
  2. Submit an application. If there are no offers, please submit an application. We recommend doing this on the mobile bank, since you get the answer within 20 minutes (Mon–Fri 09:00–17:00).
  • The money will be transferred to your account right away.
  • You can make early repayments.
  • No collateral is required.

Special offer: Agreement fee €0!

The agreement fee discount applies to all clients who have signed an agreement based on a personal offer or an application during 05.02.–04.03.2018. The discount does not apply to a small car loan or a small home loan.

Suitable monthly payment

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Calculation is approximate and may differ from your personal small loan offer.

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Small loan is suitable for everything

A small loan is mostly taken to purchase household electronics, repair home, cover medical expenses (for example, visiting a dentist), buy new sports equipment and start a business.

Small loan instead of hire-purchase

A small loan is ideal instead of hire-purchase. From Monday to Friday (9.00–17.00), we reply to the applications submitted through the Mobile Bank within 20 minutes. The funds are immediately transferred to the account after signing the agreement. The repayment of the loan is automatic. Upon borrowing from your home bank, you will have an excellent overview of your obligations and you can also prematurely repay the loan.

Conditions for receiving a loan

  • To receive a small loan, your average income over the past six months should be at least 300 euros.
  • If your income is not transferred to Swedbank, you will have to submit an account statement for the last six months that is obtained from the bank where your income is transferred to. We also assess your previous payment behaviour.
  • Depending on the amount of your income, all loan and leasing payments may amount to a total of 30–45% of your regular income.
  • You can take a small loan in addition to your existing obligations if the outstanding loan balance with the additional amount to be taken does not exceed 20,000 euros.

Interest from 15%

The interest rate depends on your income, obligations and the loan amount. Interest is calculated on the loan balance.

An option to take a loan together

A small loan can be taken either alone or together. Upon taking a loan together, the two persons should be the members of a single household and their average income over the past six months should amount to at least 700 euros per month.

Premature repayment of the loan

Upon premature repayment, you only have to terminate the agreement and we will debit the necessary amount from your account. If you want to partially repay the loan, please send us a bank notice. Upon amending the agreement, you will have to pay the agreement fee according to price list.

Agreement fee on the Mobile Bank is 0 euros

A small loan can be most conveniently taken through the Mobile Bank, as you do not have to pay the agreement fee there. If you have a pre-calculated offer, you can sign an agreement and the funds are immediately transferred to your account. If you do not have an offer, you will find a brief application from the Mobile Bank that is convenient to complete, and we will reply to your application within 20 minutes (Mon–Fri 9.00–17.00).

Easy to repay and change on the Internet Bank

  • prematurely repay the loan (either fully or partially);
  • change the payment date or the account related to the loan.

Loan term and grace period

The term for a small loan may be six months to five years. You will have the option to request grace period for up to six months. To request grace period, please submit an application in the bank office or send us a bank notice through the Internet Bank. You can request grace period several times during the loan term.

Agreement fee

The agreement fee is 1.5% of the loan amount, but no less than €35.