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4 x €1000
pension bonuses

The most useful way of saving for the long term

  • You get a 20% tax rebate* on your contributions.
  • You can increase and decrease the amount you pay and suspend payments for a certain period.
  • You can even withdraw the money you’ve saved should you need to.

Contributing to a third pillar pension is an important step in insuring your future. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of the product or the fund prospectus and the risks associated with investing. It is important to save regularly and continuously. Start saving today!

Note: If you make regular contributions to the third pillar, you will be entered in a draw to win a €1000 pension bonus! Make your contribution for this year by 27.12.2017 at the latest. Review the terms and conditions of the campaign.

  • Good grades mean savings on the College Fund+ administration fee!

    If your child’s school report is all As – or even if there’s one B in there – come in and show it to us and we’ll take 25% off the College Fund+ administration fee for the next academic year!

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  • Want a bigger refund on your income tax next year?

    The state will give you a 20% income tax rebate on 3rd pension pillar contributions that are up to 15% of your gross income – up to €6000 per year!

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  • The Private Portfolio is an excellent option for investing in financial markets while delegating financial decisions to experts in the field

    You pick the strategy that suits your objectives and risk tolerance we choose the content of the strategy and manage it actively.

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