Payments Plan

Make the bank better for yourself!

Choose the Payments Plan and you will not have to pay for each transaction.

For €1,5 per month, you’ll get:

  • free payments in our Internet Bank and app;
  • one debit card without a monthly fee
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From now on you don’t need to pay for each transaction!

Without a Plan


With Payments Plan

Plan monthly fee - 1.5EUR
Debit card monthly fee* 1.28 EUR 0EUR
Intrabank payment 0.16 EUR 0EUR
Interbank payment** 0.38 EUR 0EUR
Get the Plan
*Debit Card Plus with 1,28 €/month fee is the most widely used debit card.
**The Plan does not include urgent European payments and non-euro payments.

Calculate Payments Plan’s benefit for you

Intrabank payments per month
Payments to other banks
I have a debit card
Monthly benefit:
Annual benefit:
We used standard prices for the calculation: €0.16 for intra-bank payments, €0.38 for payments to another bank and €1.28 per month for Debit Card Plus.
  • Joining the Plan is beneficial for nearly all who are using a debit card and making any payments in Internet Bank or app.
  • Payments are free until 25 years (incl.) of age, hence joining is unnecessary.
  • In case of not joining the Plan, regular fees continue to apply.
  • Joining is possible in the Internet Bank, Plan will be in force immediately
  • Joining is free of charge.
  • Plan’s monthly fee will be debited each month on the 15th.
  • You can only add a debit card with your name to the Plan.
  • In case you have multiple debit cards, the one with highest monthly fee will be included in the Plan.
  • You can opt out from the Plan at any time to switch back to regular fees.