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Account statement options

Account statements allow you to obtain quick overviews of the transactions completed on your account over a certain period of time or to sort your transactions according to different characteristics. You can submit queries about transactions concluded from 2000 onwards. Up to 1000 entries can be shown on the screen at a time. You can enter the period you wish to query manually in the relevant field or you can select the dates from the calendar.

View account statement


Using the search functions allows you to find the required transactions fast – you can search by the payer’s/payee’s name and payment details, account number or amount. You can search for parts of words or exact phrases, but the function is not case sensitive.

Searching by amounts

You can search for transactions on the account statement according to their amounts. The response to the query depends on how you enter the searched amount in the field.

Examples of searches:
  • entering 3 or 3. finds all entries where the amount is between 3.00 and 3.99
  • entering .3 finds all entries that contain the value 0.30
  • entering 3.3 finds all entries that contain the value 3.30

The account statement can be requested either in narrow or wide format

  • The narrow format of the statement shows the payer’s/payee’s name and, if requested, the payee’s/payer’s account number, transaction details, amount and transaction date.
  • The details of payments made or received can be opened from the narrow format of the account statement and they can be saved as pdf or asice files.
  • You can save the transaction details opened from the account statement as defined payments or start payments with the same details.
  • The wide format of the statement also shows the document number, reference number, archiving code, debit/credit and transaction type. Statements in the wide format cannot be grouped.
  • Such statements can only be saved as csv, xls, pdf or asice files.

Additional options

  • Filtering. You can filter card payments, receipts to the account, payments made and cash deposits and withdrawals to and from ATMs on the statement.
  • Grouping. The account statement can be grouped according to the payee/payer.
  • Displaying. You can select whether or not you wish to see the payee’s/payer’s account number on the statement.
  • Saving in different file formats. Both the narrow and wide format of the statement can be viewed or saved in xls, csv, pdf or asice files. You can save the narrow format of the statement as an xls file with the same details and settings as displayed on the screen (grouped and filtered). Groups are now shown on the statements confirmed with the digital stamp of the bank.

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