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Car leasing

Valuations carried out by Swedbank Liising

Call 888 7799 (only on workdays from 8.30-17.00) or fill out a valuation form to agree on a time to value the vehicle.

Vehicle valuation booking

All mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) must be filled in!
Registration number*
Preferred valuation site*
Name of seller*
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Name of buyer*
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Paying for a valuation

You will find the price of the Swedbank Liising valuation service in the online price list at

You can pay by card on site (in Tallinn) or later on the basis of an invoice.

The vehicle being valued must be clean and you must present valid registration.

If you’d prefer an operating lease, contact one of our partners to arrange the necessary paperwork:

Please specify the residual value and permitted mileage with the person carrying out the valuation.

This service is offered by Swedbank Liising AS. Take a look at the terms and conditions online at If you have any questions, speak to a member of bank staff.

Examples of the annual percentage rate

Car leasing

The annual percentage rate is 3,03% on the following (example) conditions:

  • asset price, including VAT, 18 000 €;
  • down payment of 10%;
  • residual value of 25%;
  • amount of credit available, including VAT, €16 200;
  • floating interest rate 2,45% per annum + 6 months' Euribor (31.12.2021 6-month Euribor rate was – 0,546%; the rate set out in your agreement may change every 6 months; negative Euribor equals to zero;
  • contract fee of €225;
  • contract period of 5 years;
  • number of repayments 60;
  • the sum of repayments €14 586,68;
  • the total cost of the credit €1 311,72;
  • the total sum of the credit €14 811,68.

The rate is calculated on the assumption that the basic amount and the interest will be repaid as monthly annuity payments.
In the case of leasing, you must also take out comprehensive and motor third party liability insurance. The cost of insurance and possible costs of asset registration, state fees, and valuation report fees are not included in the rate of charge.

Your new car can be a step towards to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Especially favourable conditions for environmentally friendly cars! Leasing interest rate from 1.49% + 6 month Euribor.

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, lease makes a perfect solution.

  • Interest rate for new cars 2.29% + 6 month Euribor
  • Smooth process online from application till the final repayment
  • Fill in the application in just a few minutes

The car VW T-Cross is available on favourable terms and right away

  • Leasing interest rate 1.49% + 6-month’s Euribor
  • Car available immediately
  • Monthly payment from 230 EUR

The offer is valid from 19.09.2022 to 30.11.2022 or while the cars are in stock by concluding the transaction at the Møller car dealership centres.

Choose the car


Find yourself a suitable monthly payment

Car leasing calculator

The minimum car price financed by leasing is 8 000 EUR. We recommend using the car loan for smaller amounts.  EUR  EUR

* According to the light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) data.

The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you. The interest rate depends on the client’s profile and the chosen vehicle. The best interest rate is offered for new vehicles.

Examples of the annual percentage rate
  • 0EUR
  • 0EUR
  • Leasing is best solution if you are planning to purchase a new or slightly used car.
  • Interest rate starts from 2.29% + 6 month Euribor
  • Convenient to apply for and to sign the contract via the internet bank
  • In the case of Capital Leasing, you’ll pay the entire value of the vehicle, and at the end of the contract, you’ll become the owner of the vehicle.
  • In case of Hire-purchase you can acquire the vehicle from a private person or a company that is not a VAT payer.

In the case of an Operational Leasing, there will be a residual value at the end of the contract, and you can decide later what to do. Whether:

  • to keep the car, paying the residual value of your own funds or we will find a new financing solution to you;
  • to sell the vehicle to a third party and pay us the residual value;
  • to return the vehicle to the seller.
  1. After finding a suitable vehicle, fill in the Car Lease application in the internet bank or at the car dealership.
  2. You will be contacted by a bank employee.
  3. If the seller is not a cooperation partner of Swedbank, order the valuation report of the car.
  4. Sign the contract in the internet bank and make the down payment.
  5. Register the vehicle in the name of Swedbank Liising AS at the Traffic Register Bureau of the Transport Administration.

The car must have Casco Insurance and Traffic Insurance. Make only one monthly payment by combining your lease and insurance payments signing the insurance contracts at Swedbank P&C Insurance AS.

If you going to take casco insurance with other company than Swedbank, please email the policy to

documentInstruction manual on the digital signing of leasing documents

  • Loan amount starting from €7,000
  • Loan period up to 7 years, in case of Operational lease the loan period is up to 5 years
  • The age of the car at the end of the lease cannot be more than 15 years
  • Down payment starting from 10%
  • Mandatory Casco Insurance
  • Leasing interest rate starts from 2.29% + 6 month Euribor
  • Negative Euribor equals to zero.
  • Contract fee 1.5% of the lease amount; minimum €200
  • Net monthly income at least €700, with a co-applicant at least €950.

Get special conditions when purchasing an electric, low-consumption or hybrid car.

  • Interest rate from 1.49% + 6 month Euribor when buying a car with a CO2 emission level not exceeding 95 g/km*.
  • Interest rate from 1.89% + 6 month Euribor when buying a car with a CO2 emission level of 95–130 g/km*.
  • Special conditions include Swedbank casco insurance with an 10% discount for the first year.
  • The offer is valid for the purchase of a new or used car from cooperation partner of Swedbank, leasing agreement has to be signed digitally.
  • Negative Euribor equals to zero.

*According to the light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) data.

Vehicle leasing

Effective as of 01.10.2020
Agreement fee 1,5% of the price of the property, no less than 200 €
Amendment of the lease agreement
Changing the payment date (first change is free of charge) 30 €
Restoration of the agreement, repayment holiday 65 €
Changing the type or period of the agreement, changing a collateral (e.g. surety, guarantee) other changes 160 €
Making an additional payment of operating lease 160 €
Making an additional payment of capital lease and hire-purchase in the case of a floating interest agreement free of charge
Making an additional payment of capital lease and hire-purchase in the case of a fixed interest agreement ask for a quote
Early termination of the lease agreement (gaining ownership of the vehicle)
Early termination of an operating lease agreement (within the first 9 months of the agreement) the interest until the end of the 9th month
Early termination of an operating lease agreement (later than 9 months from agreement signing) free of charge (interest for the period used)
Early termination in the case of a fixed interest rate capital lease and hire-purchase sales agreement 1% of the sum of unpaid instalments if the agreement term expires in 1 year or later; 0.5% of the sum of unpaid instalments if the agreement term expires in less than 1 year
Early termination in the case of a floating interest rate capital lease and hire-purchase sales agreement free of charge (interest for the period used)
Purchasing of the vehicle by a third party in case of operating and capital lease agreements.

The price is inclusive of VAT at the rate of 20%.

In case of operating lease fee is applicable for early termination and contract expiration.

150 € (in addition to early termination fees)
Penalty ECB interest rate + 8% (currently 0.022% a day, 8.00% a year) The interest rate applicable to the main refinancing operations of the European Central Bank (the ECB interest rate). The ECB interest rate is published in the Ametlikud Teadaanded. The default interest rate may change twice a year (on January 1 and July 1) if the ECB interest rate has changed.
Other services The price is inclusive of VAT at the rate of 20%.
An unattested power of attorney of giving property to sublessee 50 €
An unattested power of attorney (e.g. exchange of the license plate, amendment of the user data, ordering of keys, etc.) 10 €
Formalization of Estonian Transport Administration e-service transaction 5 €
Notarized power of attorney of the vehicle (e.g. using the vehicle) starting from 75 €
Payment of the costs of removing the vehicle (added to the direct costs of removing the vehicle) 30 €
Preparation of a certificate 10 €
Sending a notice on breach and cancellation of the agreement, forwarding a fine 10 €
Re-formalization of an invoice (incl. cancelling) 50 €
Contractual penalty for delays in the timely return of the vehicle 50 € a day
Document processing fee (e.g. archived documents) 30 €
Vehicle valuation service (incl. passenger cars, motorcycles and ATVs) 60 €
Truck, trailer, heavy machinery valuation service (incl. excavators, caravans, tractors, loaders, hoists, combine harvesters and couplings) 90 €
Water craft, forestry machinery valuation service 130 €
Provision of valuation services on site in Tallinn valuation service fee + 20 €
Provision of valuation services on site outside of Tallinn valuation service fee + fee as agreed
  • Fill in an application for the termination of the contract if you want to pay off the remaining balance in full or sell the vehicle before due date.
  • In the case that the vehicle is purchased by a third person, we require a confirmation from the buyer via a bank notice or e-mail at Final invoice preparation could take up to 2 weeks. Swedbank Liising AS has the right to refuse to prepare the final invoice to the third party indicated in the invoice. In case the lease object is being purchased by a third person, then service fee will apply according to the pricelist.
  • You will receive an invoice, and following the final payment you can register the vehicle at the Estonian Transport Administration in your or the buyer’s name.
  • Once your contract expires and you have no more liabilities to the bank, we will initiate the transfer of the ownership of the vehicle in the e-service of the Transport Administration.
  • After receiving notification re-register the car at the Transport Administration.
  • Extending the contract. Fill in an application for termination of the contract. We will find an appropriate solution for financing the residual value and prepare a new payment schedule. You will be offered a Car Loan if the residual value is less than €7,000.
  • Paying off the residual value. Fill in an application for termination of the contract. You will receive an invoice, and following the final payment you can re-register the vehicle at the Estonian Transport Administration.
  • Returning the vehicle. The leased car must be presented to the car dealership for vehicle inspection no later than 1 month before the expiry of the contract. The vehicle must meet the requirements of normal wear at the time of return. Fill in the act of property inspection and return.
  • If you want to sell the vehicle passing the leasing contract to the buyer, the buyer must fill in the lease application.
  • Following a positive decision, fill in an application for termination of the contract indicating the details of the buyer.
  • We shall enter into a leasing agreement with the buyer, after which the car shall be re-registered at the Transport Administration.
  • Note! The previous owner must contact the insurance company and re-register the Traffic Insurance before the re-registration.
  • If you want to register the leased car in your name, we will initiate the transfer of the vehicle in the e-service of the Transport Administration. Following the payment of the last instalment you must complete the process within five calendar days, starting from the moment the information has been entered into the e-service. You will be notified accordingly.
  • If you buy the car or extend the contract with a Car Loan, you must register the vehicle in your name at the Transport Administration within 30 days.
  • If your leasing contract ends, take a look at your insurance contract, too, as it may also end.
  • If you register the car in your name, let us know, so we can register the Casco Insurance contract in your name, too.
  • All contracts are accessible to you in the internet bank, where you can view and change the conditions. For more information please call +372 888 1513 or send an e-mail to

You can make the following changes to your leasing contract:

  • extend the term
  • change the payment date
  • apply for a grace period
  • make early partial repayments

To change the contract please submit an application

Authorisation for Use of The Vehicle

  • Using the vehicle in Estonia and elsewhere in the EU no authorisation is required.
  • Using the vehicle in another foreign country fill in the Application for Authorisation.

    NB! Before travelling abroad with your leased vehicle, make sure that CASCO insurance is valid in the countries you will be driving in.

  • Changes in The Vehicle Registry Data

    If you would like to change the registry details of the vehicle, you will need an unattested letter of authorisation issued by Swedbank Liising AS in order to take registry steps in the Transport Administration. Application for authorisation to take registry steps in the Transport Administration

Your car can be a step towards to a more sustainable lifestyle

Did you know that transport is responsible for 30% of the total CO2 emissions? But car industry is also bringing lots of new possibilities. Eco-friendly cars are not only better for the environment, they also tend to have lower ownership costs.

  1. Choosing electric, hybrid or other low CO2 emission caris your chance to be more environment friendly. We have special leasing offer for eco-friendly cars.
  2. Carpooling can reduce your environmental footprint by 3-4 times. Start small - give a ride to a colleague and try to do carpooling as often as you can.
  3. Walk, bike or use public transportation when possible. By the way, 30 minutes of fast-paced walk a day is a good workout and a great mood booster.

When buying a new car, bring your attention to the fuel economy and environmental labels – they indicate how much CO2 emissions your car produces.

Zero & low emission
vehicles (electric, plug-in vehicles)

Low & average emission
vehicles (mostly hybrid vehicles)

Average & high emission
vehicles (diesel, petrol vehicles)

Calculate how much carbon footprint does your transport choice create monthly?
  • 0
  • forest

Calculator's methodology based on ClimateCare.

A suitable solution if you are planning to buy a used car. No down payment is required and Casco Insurance is not mandatory.

Free car assistance and guaranteed original spare parts for repairing cars not older than five years. All contracts of financial services in one place. You don’t need to worry about payments, they will be paid automatically from your bank account.


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