Rouble payments

International payments in Russian roubles can be made to all Russian banks and to the foreign banks that have correspondent accounts in Russian roubles.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation demands that all Russian banks check all rouble payments received from abroad. If you wish your payment to reach the payee in time, you have to make sure that you have filled in the payment order according to requirements. Otherwise Russian banks have the right to check your payment and it means that your payment may be delayed.

Payment orders in Russian roubles

Payments made in Russian roubles must be inserted in Russian using the Latin alphabet according to the character table.
Payee’s name

the taxpayer identification number or INN (and KPP) is inserted in the field “payee’s name” before the name. If the payee’s name is too long, the remainder of the name must be written in the address field without any spaces (without a hyphen).

Example: INN1234567891.KPP123456001 ООО Severnyy Tr/e/vel.

The father’s name (patronymic) of the payee must be added upon making a payment to a private client.

Example: Potapov Ivan Ivanovich

Payee’s address payee's address
Payee’s account number

a 20-digit number, the digits 6-8 of which are 810.

Example: 4xxxx810xxxxxxxxxxxx

Payee’s bank

full name of the payee’s bank + city + BIK of the payee’s bank (9 digits) + correspondent account of the payee’s bank in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (20 digits, starts with 301). The last three digits of the BIK and the correspondent account must coincide.

Example: OAO AKB Probiznesbank, g.Moskva, 044525986.30101810600000000986

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If the final payee bank is a branch of the bank

(presumes a 20-digit account starting with 303), the name of the branch and the account are inserted in the field “payee's bank” and the data of the parent bank will be inserted in the field “correspondent bank”.


Payee’s bank: Vernadskoe otdelenie 9038, 303xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Correspondent bank of the payee’s bank: OAO AKB Probiznesbank, g.Moskva, 044525986.30101810600000000986

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Payment details
  • currency transaction code (VO)
  • verbal clarification of the payment (detailed information about goods/service, if payment is executed before goods are delivered then should be written predoplata za...., if payment is executed after goods are delivered then oplata za....)
  • commercial invoice and/or contract number, date
  • VAT amount (NDS). If no tax is imposed on the goods or services, “BEZ NDS” must be added.

Example: (VO20100) predoplata za transportnye uslugi, schet no.5 ot 15.03.2012, NDS 1500 RUB.

Currency transaction code (VO) should be asked from the foreign partner. In the absence of the code, the payment will be returned. If you want to select the VO code yourself, it must be kept in mind that a non-resident means a non-resident of Russia (i.e. an Estonian citizen or a company registered in Estonia) and a resident means a resident of Russia (i.e. a Russian citizen or a company registered in Russia).

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