Savings give you security about your future and the freedom to realise your dreams – go travelling, buy a car or a home, give a good education to your child. It is good and safe to know that you have enough money in your bank account and it will help you cope even if something unexpected happens.

Deciding on whether or not to save a certain amount every month means that we also decide which goals we can achieve in our life and how long it will take us.

The other important question is where to keep your savings until you need them? How can you earn as much as possible without having to take too many risks? The first answer to this question is usually a deposit, but it is not the only way of saving money. Money can also be invested in funds or shares. You have to plan your future to make the right choices – you have to decide whether you are saving money so you can buy a car in five years' time or for a good retirement or to guarantee that your children can focus on their education. Once you know the goal that you are saving for, you can figure out the schedule and the best options of saving for that particular purpose.

It pays to visit an investment consultant before you make an investment decision. Investment consultants work in banks and help you choose the types of investment that suit you the most.

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