Manage your budget

We have to plan for important things as we don't want to find ourselves facing the fact that it's too late to make certain decisions. Unfortunately, the resources at our disposal – time, money and energy – are limited.

Having a good overview of how and where you spend your money makes it easier to plan your outgoings both in the short and long term without having money problems.

Being sensible in financial terms is as important for families as it is for countries and businesses.

Family budget

Your family's budget gives a good overview of your incomes and outgoings and helps you keep your costs under control. Is anything left over or do you spend more than you earn? Could you save anything or is making ends meet a struggle? Knowing what you spend your money on makes it easier to see how you could save.

Family budgets should be prepared every month as people generally get paid once a month and fixed costs like utility and loan payments or phone bills must also be paid once a month.

Families who earn one-off or irregular income should prepare their budgets for longer periods of time – at least three months or more.

A family budget consists of two sides – income and expenses. We advise to use the following logic to prepare your family's budget:

  1. set clear goals
  2. calculate
  3. analyse
  4. plan
  5. change

Our advice:

Taking a look at your Internet Bank statement, which shows all monthly payments and purchases made with bankcards, helps you keep an eye on your spending.

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