About the Institute for Finances

What does the Institute for Finances do?

The Institute for Finances was established in 2010 to provide independent information and practical advice. It aims to support people in making economic decisions, offer insight on managing finances and promote financial literacy or financial wisdom in Estonia.

Webpage of the Institute for Finances answers the following questions:

  • How to secure yourself financially?
  • How to start a business or investing?
  • How to discuss finances with a child?

The Institute for Finances supports you in managing daily finances

For this purpose, we have covered areas most important in terms of finances as well as included additional articles, helpful materials, app recommendations and practical tips under each topic. If you would like to evaluate your financial situation, you can do so with the help of our calculators.


Financial wisdom is the backbone of successful finance management

This means having necessary skills and knowledge as well as a strong will to make wise financial decisions. It’s never too late to acquire these life skills.