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Working in Swedbank

Where work feels like home

There are over 2,500 people working at Swedbank, each of us different and special, with our own joys and worries, hobbies and interests. But we are all connected by a shared work environment. We want to feel good at work and to be taken care of, regardless of whether we currently work in the office or at our home office. We are like one big hive where everyone contributes to creating a wonderful work culture. Join us!

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An internship at Swedbank is a great way to grow and evolve together with us. Join us and learn more about working in a bank and how we work for our customers.

Tech and data are important part of future banking. We have variety of possibilities available in this area.

Get to know IT and data

Together we make a difference

We have an open, simple and caring culture with high engagement and team spirit

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Lead yourself to find challenges that inspire you – We stand behind you and support you

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We have an inclusive workplace with flexibility and balance in everyday life

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We share knowledge and work together – This makes us successful together

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Our People Philosophy and benefits

We embrace responsibility and sustainability

Our size and scale require us to a great deal of responsibility, but they also provide us with great opportunities to contribute to society. Sustainability is an important keyword for us, and we integrate sustainable economic, social, environmental and ethical thinking into everything we do.

We are glad to be recognised

Find your passion

  • Develop the banking experience of more than 7 million customers and half a million companies.
  • Influence the development of society in our four home markets - Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Collaborate and network with around 15,000 colleagues.
  • Develop yourself by finding challenges that inspire you.

IT, data science, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and UX designing are part of building future banking. We develop digital solutions to create value for our customers.

Job openings in this area

We work with maintaining low risk in all aspects of our business and operations. We make sure we are compliant, adapting to new regulations and increased information security. This builds trust with our customers, investors and regulators.

Job openings in this area

Daily banking, financing, investments, insurance, corporate banking. We are the bank for the many and meet and advise customers daily and provide them with relevant support and service both digitally and physically.

Job openings in this area

We prepare and analyse financial data to advise decisions that bring value both to our customers and the organisation. Additionally, we prepare financial forecast for long-term business development and work with credit analysis, treasury and custody.

Job openings in this area

We are constantly working on developing our products offerings based on our customers' various needs and individual expectations. This enables them to make sustainable choices adapted to their specific situation.

Job openings in this area

Marketing, communication, infrastructure and HR support in developing the business as well as building a sustainable brand. Our ambition is to make sure employees feel valued and have the tools to develop and perform at their very best.

Job openings in this area


Found a great role? Send us your application through our job openings site. We will contact selected candidates for the first interview within 2 weeks after the application deadline.

Meet us

In the second step you will meet us for interviews to find out more about us and the job. Interviews might be two or three, where you will meet with managers and/or future team. You might also need to perform job-related tests or tasks. We provide feedback for all applicants.

Join us

If we are both happy, we welcome you to our team. Following successful participation in selection and your acceptance of the offer, we will sign a contract of employment for successful collaboration. We encourage you to apply again and follow our job openings, if you're not offered the job this time.

We're always looking for talents with an interest in creating a superior customer experience. Working at Swedbank means that you have a lot of career opportunities within different areas and countries. We welcome all applicants, regardless of gender, origin, religion, age, sexual identity and orientation or disability.

Meet our people


Business Analyst

“Swedbank is a great place for cross-border work experience, which offers interesting challenges and constant learning opportunities.”


Head of AML/KYC Office

“Working in Swedbank includes many special aspects – a lot of professional colleagues to work with, an organisation that appreciates every employee and the possibility to be a part of a company that is a local market leader and drives changes.”


Software Engineer

“Swedbank supports female leadership and welcomes people of different cultures.”


Learning & Development Expert

“At Swedbank I feel that my opinion matters and so does everybody else’s. I have the freedom to experiment without fear of failing.”


Head of Investment Funds

“Swedbank has people together who really want to make life better. And when you hear customers proudly say they're with us, it's just great!”


Private Customer Manager

"It is a pleasure to work in a company that is a pioneer in its field. There are fantastic colleagues and wonderful customers here.”

Open, simple and caring culture

  • We encourage a culture built on trust, respect and our values - open, simple and caring.
  • We always aim to have good leadership which inspires and supports our employees.
  • Societal engagement, responsibility and sustainability are important to us. We integrate sustainable economic, social, environmental and ethical thinking into everything we do.
  • Every day we work to be an inclusive organisation. We embrace diversity as well as equality, and we want everyone to feel included, appreciated, motivated and devoted to each other, our vision and our customers.

Lead yourself

  • We believe that continuous learning and development will keep our employees motivated and engaged, and also help strengthen customer value.
  • We encourage everyone to take control of their own development.
  • Our international job market offers a variety of career paths and development opportunities.
  • We trust employees to find challenges that makes everyone develop in the desired direction to fulfil the bank's vision and goals - and to increase customer satisfaction.

Inclusive workspace

  • We have an inclusive and sustainable working climate and we strive for flexibility and balance in everyday life.
  • We believe it is important for our employees to have the possibility to influence their work and improve their work environment.
  • This helps everyone to be efficient, creating the right conditions for one's own performance and long-term well-being.

Successful together

  • Working together is important to us. We share knowledge and learn from each other to grow as a company, as individuals and to create value for our customers.
  • We want everyone to continuously fulfil one's potential.
  • We recognise and reward employee achievements that are aligned with our vision and values.
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