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Ülle Matt

Swedbank - a great place to work and grow for many

“Swedbank is more than just a bank. We make a continuous effort for our employees to have a long-term sense of perspective and for them to feel valued in our daily working environment. As a large enterprise and a strong employer we are able to provide career opportunities both to employees only starting their working life as well as those who have already been employed for a lengthy period of time. We believe in the values of lifelong learning and contribute to the training of our employees. We encourage people to express their opinion and try to bring out the best in everyone. We are diverse, flexible and open to what is new. We live in a digitalised world and quickly move along with the changing times. We move wisely. We move together. This is our world!”

Ülle Matt,
Human Resources Director

Let’s dedicate together!

Inspiring tasks and great people await you in Swedbank. We value diversity, continuous development and working for a greater purpose.


Are you eager to complement your lecture room knowledge with real experience and see what the world of banking looks like from the inside? Then do an traineeship at Swedbank!

We offer the best environment in Estonia for developing oneself and furthering one’s career. Working at Swedbank will grant you international work experience in one of the most successful companies in the Baltic regio

Who are we looking for?

You are the right person for us if you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and just starting your career, or already have some experience.

Found a job offer that interests you?

If you come across a suitable position among our vacancies, fill in an application form via the link in the job offer. We contact all candidates within two weeks of the application deadline and give them feedback on how and with whom we will proceed.

We are looking for employees in these main fields:

  • assisting
  • advising private clients
  • finance and business analysis
  • information technology
  • law
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • advising business clients

Swedbank is a great place to work and grow for many. Our purpose: we shall promote a sound and sustainable financial situation for the many households and businesses. Our vision is to enable people, businesses and society to grow. Our values are to act in a simple, open and caring way. Swedbank – beyond financial growth. You too can contribute to this experience.

Be a part of future banking

Make a difference in how banking is done:

  • Write the success story of our bank’s strong brand.
  • Join the banking evolution - build future digital banking and customer service with no boarders.
  • Impact processes locally and globally:
    • Work and think cross-border, cross-functions and cross-competences.
    • Be empowered and own full responsibility for what you do.
    • Gain shareholder rights through variable pay programs.
    • Contribute to society through our social projects.

Grow and develop with us

Working at Swedbank is an investment into your professional and personal growth:

  • Gain from our leadership culture – at Swedbank everyone is perceived as a talent.
  • Increase your competences through regular training and development by solving challenges, learning at Swedbank Academy and cooperating with a network of professional colleagues.
  • Explore exciting career paths by excelling your expertise, gaining multi-cultural and cross-functional experience, and boosting personal leadership capabilities.

More than just an employer

Our culture is a key part of our brand:

  • Together we try hard to be Open, Simple and Caring towards our clients, employees and society.
  • We care about you and your family’s well-being – we provide family, health and active life-style support benefits.
  • We strive to offer flexible solutions to balance your professional and personal needs.

You will be joining an international company that operates on four home markets (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden). In Estonia we have 2500 employees working in 350 different positions. We believe we have the best environment for careers and self-development. Working at Swedbank will add a definite mark of quality to your CV.

Full training

We guarantee full training for people in servicing and support positions. We expect people working as specialists and managers to have the necessary academic education or to be acquiring such education, and we offer them every opportunity to broaden their knowledge and hone their practical skills.

Professional training

Our training and development opportunities cover both special programmes and individual solutions. We believe that development of both professional skills and one's personality is very important. We offer numerous training sessions inside the company, but we also cooperate with renowned and professional partners in Estonia and in the rest of the world.

Increasing responsibility

We are convinced that the most successful way to develop is through actual work and assuming increasingly more responsibility. We support our employees’ wish to educate themselves and to develop constantly. We appreciate the wish of our people to develop their careers and become better specialists, to move into different areas, to move up and become managers and to assume additional tasks and responsibility.

International experience

Working in Swedbank also offers many opportunities for international work. Our principal home markets include Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden, but we also operate elsewhere in the world. Since the headquarters of our Group are located in Sweden, we can exchange information in various areas between countries almost every day, we can participate in different projects or, if desired, temporarily or permanently start operation in another country. Our several units, e.g. Finance Department, Product Development and IT, are units that are under the Group's management and coordination of activity, and their everyday practice is cross-border operation from offices located in the home countries of the employees.

Salaries and benefits

All our companies share the same salary and performance assessment principles, which guarantee that all employees are treated fairly. We offer remuneration package, which is competitive in the financial sector and several benefits to make sure that people feel good in our organization. The purpose of the benefits we offer our employees is to support the achievement of their professional goals, constant self-development, healthy way of life, interesting leisure activities and family values. We think it is important to recognize our outstanding employees and motivate long-serving people. We believe that our benefits help to create a feeling of unity and make our lives more pleasant.


Our services and employees must be easily accessible and easy to understand. Our advice is adapted to each customer’s needs, and we give them the financial tools to handle life’s challenges and opportunities. We want to create a friendly, uncomplicated banking experience for everyone.


We shall be a straight-forward, honest and reliable partner. Customers and other stakeholders should feel welcome and secure with our services and our actions. We believe in development and are open to new ideas, new people and new ways to serve our customers and society.


Everything we do, we base on our customers’ needs. We help our customers to make sound decisions and achieve their goals in a sustainable way. Our employees are helpful and reliable. We take pride in keeping our promises. We are committed to our mission of improving the long-term financial health of people, businesses and society.

  • Do I need to have an economic or financial educational background and relevant work experience to apply to work at Swedbank?

    No. Depending on the position, our expectations – which are always mentioned in the job offer – can vary a great deal. Personal characteristics and a good match with the organisation are equally important to us.
  • Where can I leave my contact details if I don’t find a suitable job offer straight away?

    If you didn’t find any suitable job offer for you right now, please send us an e-mail .
  • I want to apply for a vacancy you’ve listed. Do I have to submit my CV via your recruitment programme or can I use other channels?

    The application process is always carried out via EasyCruit, so we kindly ask you to submit your information via the programme.
  • Is my application confidential?

    We assure you that your information will only be used to evaluate your suitability in recruitment projects of the Swedbank Group. The Swedbank Group is responsible for the confidentiality of the information you submit.
  • What are the working hours and schedule like at Swedbank?

    Depending on the position, working hours are either schedule-based (in our offices and consultation centre) or simply Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00.

    Take a look at our employer-provided benefits and discounts here.

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