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The Swedbank IT & Data Academy (previously called Data & Analytics Academy) is an annual two-part programme that consists of:

  • practice that is coordinated with studies for three months – one month academy training and two months working in an agile team;
  • starts on February 26th and ends on May 31st.

The program is designed both for students of information technologies, mathematics, economics or related specialities, as well as those who see their future in the IT area and are already developing their technical skills.

Come join us

During the program you have a chance to take part in different seminars and trainings that are held by Swedbank experts. You will work on real tasks and projects in close cooperation with the experts, influencing the lives of millions of people. You will receive all the help needed to learn and to develop your skills regarding various topics:

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence services development
  • SQL basics and advanced
  • Data warehousing: data modeling & integration
  • Data integration tool: Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12


The application period for IT & Data Academy 2024 has now ended. Next year’s program information will be published on this page in December 2024. Meanwhile see our job openings and connect with us to stay up to date on new openings.

Meet alumni

Faustas, Software Engineer

„Participating in the Academy has been an influential journey for me. The hands-on projects and knowledge gained during the program aligned perfectly with my career goals, deepening my curiosity in my chosen field. The program has significantly shaped my career by providing a valuable introduction to the industry and extending a warm invitation to further learn and improve together with them.“

Niina, Software Engineer

”I want to give my sincere thanks to Swedbank IT & Data Academy for the great opportunity given to me. Deciding to change careers and joining this program has been one of my best choices. The subjects we went through have built a good foundation for my new career as a software engineer. The mentors were knowledgeable and supportive, creating a positive and enjoyable learning atmosphere. I not only gained valuable knowledge but also connected with amazing people from diverse backgrounds. Applying my new skills to actual tasks was a rewarding experience that has opened up an exciting new path for me.“

Nodar, Software Engineer

“Participating in the Swedbank IT & Data Academy was a transformative experience for me. It offered a unique blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The academy experience is an invaluable stepping stone for professional growth in the field. It’s not just another course, it’s a whole new adventure.”

Olga, Software Engineer

“My experience at IT & Data Academy was transformative, allowing me to switch careers and even industries. Knowledgeable lecturers, supportive and open environment at Swedbank, and challenging study tasks made it truly valuable. It is an excellent opportunity for students, recent graduates, or lifelong learners to explore their interest in Data and secure job prospects in the leading Baltic bank.”

More information

In case you have questions:
Sirel Pind
Program’s project manager