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Processing of Client Data

Your privacy is important to us

For many years, Swedbank has been processing personal data to provide you with personalized banking experience.
Protecting the integrity of personal data is our top priority. We want you to know what personal data we collect and why, how we use it and the choices and controls you have.

Personal data is used to provide you with secure access to our products and services and to enhance your customer experience through offerings matching your needs. Your personal data enables us to understand your personal needs which enable us to provide you with best possible support and advice. Swedbank is committed to protecting your personal data. We continuously implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to keep data protected from unauthorized access so your valuable details are safe with us.
Customer data is subject to banking secrecy and is kept strictly confidential.
Swedbank ensures that you are always in control of your personal data. On our Internet Banking site, you can see the personal data we have about you. You can edit your personal data and update your preferences on the Internet Banking site, at our branch offices or over the phone with the Consultation Center.

Receiving marketing offers

  • Give your consent to receiving marketing offers tailored to your interests and needs
  • Choose the communication channels for receiving offers: e-mail, SMS, phone, post
  • Manage your offer receipt settings in any branch or via Internet Banking by clicking on the "Manage" button

Find out more here.

Withdraw consents to receiving marketing offers

Withdraw your consents of receiving marketing offers:

  • via Internet Banking by clicking on the "Manage" button;
  • at any Swedbank branch;
  • by calling the Consultation Centre.

Find out more here.

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Personal data is any information that can be linked to a person. This includes identity data such as your name, contact information, card payment information, operations performed at a branch, agreements you have entered into, and information we obtain about you in your communication with our Consultation Center.

The data we collect depends on the services you use. We may collect information such as name, identification code, date of birth or preferred language of communication. We also ask for data when you contact us via Internet Banking, mobile application, visit our branches, email us or call us. Personal data is also data acquired from 3rd parties such as public registries, for example the Land Register and the Credit Register.

Swedbank limits the processing of customer data to a minimum and you can control what data you want to share with us. Your personal data will be stored no longer than necessary for the purpose of the processing activity.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Client Data chapter 3

Your data is used to provide you with products and services you’ve requested and to ensure that you can conveniently use them. We also use your data to improve our products and service quality by conducting customer surveys and market analyses. Last but not least, your personal data helps us prevent money laundering, enables us to carry out credit and risk assessments.

The personal data you have entrusted to us allows us to serve you in line with your preferences, as well as providing you customized support and advice.

We also process your personal data to be able to create tailor-made offers to you. You can also choose whether or not you want such customer experience.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Client Data chapter 5

We have created several types of offers so you can choose the one that best suits your interests and needs at the particular time:

  1. personalized suggestions;
  2. personalized financing and insurance limits;
  3. offers together with partners.

You can receive these offers by giving your consent to the above types of these: all, some or none. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Part of the offers will be available on the Internet Banking site, in the mobile app, at branches and the Consultation Centre. However, in order to receive the offers by email, sms, phone or post, you must give your consent to the communication channels. You can choose to receive offers on all or only some channels. Alternatively, you can choose not to consent to any channels, however in that case you will not receive offers on those channels.

You can easily review the consents you have given at any time via Internet Bank, at any Swedbank branch or by calling the Consultation Centre.

More about preparing and sending offers

  • For more details on the types of offers, the data used to prepare them, as well as the exchange of data between Swedbank Group companies, see here
  • You can manage the consents you have given, including withdrawing them, here

If you do not have access to our Internet Banking, you can get more information and review, including withdrawing, the consents you have given by visiting any Swedbank branch or calling the Consultation Centre.

To keep you up-to-date with Swedbank’s news and highlights, we prepare important relevant information and surveys:

  1. relevant information – for example, invitations to events, newsletters in email or greetings;
  2. customer satisfaction surveys - questionnaires designed to provide feedback on the products and services you use and to help us improve those.

We will prepare this information based on our legitimate interest1 but you may decide whether or not to permit us to do so (opt out). You can choose which types of information to receive or opt out from, i.e. each type separately or both together.

Other information will be sent to you by us via Internet Banking or the mobile app or, if you have consented to the respective communication channels, by e-mail, post or occasionally by telephone.

More about preparing and sending offers

  • For more details on the types of offers, the data used to prepare them, as well as the exchange of data between Swedbank Group companies, see here
  • You can manage your permissions, including to object to data processing, here

If you do not have access to our Internet Banking, you can get more information, as well as object to data processing, by visiting any Swedbank branch or calling the Consultation Centre.

1Legitimate interest is first and foremost Swedbank´s business interest where personal data processing is necessary.

In order to provide our customers with smooth experience and an overview of all products used within Swedbank Group, we may need to share some personal data between Swedbank Group companies.

We also may need to share data with other parties in order to execute transactions or to provide products you have requested. This way we can improve the value of the financial services and products we offer. We also share data when required by law or when otherwise legally obligated to do so, as well as in order to maintain security of our products.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Client Data chapter 8

Any changes made in how we use your personal data on our own initiative or in connection with amendments to applicable laws or regulations will be available in Swedbank Principles of Processing Client Data.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Client Data chapter 13

Swedbank communicates any changes to the Swedbank Principles of Processing Personal Data via messages, confirmations or reminders by post, e-mail, phone, Internet Banking, mobile application Swedbank applications and Swedbank social media accounts.

If you have any concern, question or complaint regarding personal data, please contact us using your preferred means of communication.

Read more in Swedbank Principles of Processing Client Data chapter 12

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