If you have something to cherish, you have something to insure

Protect what you care about – get all insurances from one place.

What do you cherish?

Family safety
Travel comfort
Home safety
Driving comfort

Get all the necessary insurances in your internet bank! Be protected by choosing:

Life insurance, if:

  • You’ve got close ones, who depend on your income;
  • If You have loan commitments;
  • You do not have financial reserve for coping with unexpected situations.

Home insurance and have no worries about:

  • Your apartment or house and its facilities;
  • Valuable possessions even when taken on a trip throughout Estonia;
  • Unintentional damage to your neighbours.

Elite CASCO that will provide:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance anywhere in Europe;
  • insurance for your belongings stored inside the car;
  • insurance against accidents for you and your travel companions.

Traffic insurance and:

  • Pay in monthly payments with no price increase of the policy due to that;
  • Set up automatic payments and policy renewal so you’ll never forget to prolong the policy;
  • Be able to access your insurance policy via Internet Banking at any time.

Travel insurance and get:

  • A compensation in case of holiday disruption;
  • 500 000€ cover for medical expenses;
  • Insurance for personal belongings taken on a trip.

Loan payment protection insurance helps to cover your monthly loan payments in case of:

  • Losing your job unexpectedly;
  • Sickness resulting in temporary incapacity for work;
  • Temporary incapacity for work due to accident or trauma.

Credit Cover helps to pay back your credit card in case you:

  • Unexpectedly lose your job;
  • Will be incapacitated due to illness.