Loan and leasing

New opportunity for growing companies

On 1 June 2016 the European Investment Fund (EIF) and Swedbank entered into a COSME agreement which is going to enable the bank to offer €165 million worth of loans and leasing to growing companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania over the next three years.

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  Limit Deadline  
Overdraft min. 2 000 EUR till 1 year Is designed to meet the liquidity needs and balance irregular cash flow.
Revolving Credit Line min. 6 000 EUR till 18 months Allows to repeatedly use the same amount of money within the pre-approved credit limit and period according to the needs of the company.
Short Term Loan min. 2 000 EUR till 18 months Is suitable to receive funds for the acquisition of seasonal stock of goods, or make the planned short-term investment in fixed assets.
Loan against suretyship max. 15 000 EUR till 3 years To grow your business. It is possible to acquire additional funds against the suretyship of a private person to develop your business.
Investment Loans min. 2 000 EUR till 5 years Is suitable for maintaince works, reconstructing, acquiring fixed assets and buildings.
Start-up loan min. 2 000 EUR till 5 years It is possible to acquire additional funds against the KredEx guarantee and suretyship of the owners. Is suitable for start-up companies and up to 3 years in business companies for financing investments and working capital
Apartment building loan min. 10 000 EUR till 20 years Many older buildings need investments so that their value is preserved or increases. In order to perform all necessary work Swedbank provides you with the apartment association loan facility for financing the repairs of your residential building.
Technology loan max 2 000 000 EUR   The target group of technology loan are entrepreneurs of processing industry with potential of export. Swedbank offers technology loan with KredEx.
Small loan min. 600 EUR   To start your business. You can also apply for a loan as a private person to realise your business idea.
Сar Leasing min. 3 000 EUR till 5 years You can quickly and easily acquire a single vehicle or an entire fleet for your company using car Leasing.
Full service leasing min. 3 000 EUR till 5 years Full lease service Is the right choice if you wish to give the actions connected with the property into the hands of professionals and let the workers of your company be engaged in their main activity.
Equipment leasing min. 6 000 EUR till 6 years Equipment leasing is suitable if you need to replace or acquire equipment and machinery for your company.
Commercial vehicle leasing min. 6 000 EUR till 6 years Lorries, trailers and buses can be acquired with commercial vehicle leasing

The past payment discipline of companies affects the interest rate of their loans and leasing

The manner in which a company pays its bills and makes payments shapes its credit history. A good credit history has a positive impact on loan and leasing terms and a shows that the company is trustworthy.

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Evaluation of real property

All the collaterals have to be evaluated. Information about the real property appraisers accepted by Swedbank can be found here.