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The quickest way to find a suitable financing option for your business

Various financing options for your different needs. Use the financing tool to

  1. Find the most suitable financing option for your needs
  2. See side-by-side comparison when several options are available
  3. Apply for financing right when you need it

New! Access to financing simplified by European Investment Fund guarantees.

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Funding selection tool

Financial lease

Operating lease

Possibility to return a car to the buyback provider or buy it for residual value at the end of the lease period.

Business Credit Card

Extra funds for everyday needs, transfers from the credit card account.

Business Gold Credit Card

In addition to the Business Credit Card features includes travel insurance.



Helps to balance working capital needs.

Invoice financing

Immediately improved cashflow while waiting the payment of issued invoices.


Helps to balance operating cashflow, while waiting the payment of issued invoices.

Monthly payment 0 EUR 0 EUR
Down payment 1
Residual value no remaining value
CASCO Insurance  The insurance agreement covers all types of risks (unexpected, unforeseen events leading to damage or destruction of the insured property, for example, fire-related accidents, traffic accidents, vandalism, natural disasters, thefts and similar).
Contract fee 0 EUR 0 EUR
Annual interest rate
  • From 2.49% + 6m Euribor
  • Environmentally friendly cars from 1.49% + 6m Euribor
Term 3 years 3 years
Collateral - -

Issue fee 5 EUR

Monthly fee 3 EUR

Issue fee 10 EUR

Monthly fee 10 EUR

Annual interest rate 18% 14%
Interest free period for purchases Up to 30 days Up to 40 days
Monthly payment 0 EUR
Term Up to 1 year Up to 90 days Up to 1 year
Collateral Financed invoice Financed invoice
Contract fee 0 EUR 0 EUR No Calculated individually for each company
Annual interest rate 1% of the financed amount per month (12% per year) Calculated individually for each company

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The offer is indicative only. The calculations may differ depending on the vehicle selected and the customer’s insurance history.
Type of insurance – Standard CASCO insurance, deductible for all events 190 EUR, theft 15%, but not less than 190 EUR, broken glass – 0 EUR.

The calculated monthly loan payment is for information only and gives an approximate idea.

The fastest way to finance smaller business investments.

Helps to balance the company’s working capital needs.

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