Accelerate your business with flexible credit limit

  • Overdraft helps balancing the company’s working capital needs.
  • Financing will be easier to get with support of the European Investment Fund programs.
  • Possibility to get financing against surety.
What is it for?
  • Suitable for balancing uneven cash flows caused by payment deadlines, daily expenses and for one-off purchases.
  • Possibility to use and repay at any time within the limit.
  • Incoming turnover will cover the used limit and will reduce interest expenses.
Main conditions
  • Limit from 5000 € up to 50% of the company’s average monthly net turnover of the last six months.
  • Term up to 12 months.
  • Average annual interest rate for loans against surety 10%, with collateral 5%, and it is determined individually for each company.
  • A fixed percentage commitment fee of 2% a year applies for the unused part of the limit.
  • Interest and commitment fee will be debited from the current account on the agreed payment date.
Possible collaterals

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Business Credit Card - extra funds that can also be used for paying bills.

Cash against invoice - funding which is perfect in situations when you need to quickly increase the company’s working capital for goods or services sold while waiting for payment.