Standing orders

Save your time – order your company payments to be done automatically

  • Standing orders can make payments automatically to your chosen account, at a frequency and under conditions specified by you.
  • Transfers will always be made in time, if there are sufficient funds in the company’s bank account, designated for payments under standing orders.
  • You can easily order, manage and monitor the status of your standing orders when logged in to the Internet bank.
Conclude a foreign standing order
How does it work?
  • Standing order payment can be launched after signing the agreement.
  • Bank will make requested payments on your behalf following the conditions you’ve indicated.
  • There are several types of standing orders:
    • Fixed Amount.
    • All Account Balance.
    • Percentage of Balance.
  • Payment may be executed as a domestic or a foreign payment.
  • You can view and manage all active standing orders of your company in Internet bank.
You have full control of your standing orders
  • On the day of standing order payment to be done, the bank systems shall check your company’s bank account:
    • If there are enough funds in the account to make the payment the transfer will be executed.
    • If not, bank systems will be checking your account for 2 more days after the payment date (only for fixed amount standing orders).
  • The bank does not make partial standing order payments.
  • If the currency of the standing order payment differs from the currency of the account, from which the payment will be made, the bank will convert the funds at the exchange rate of the bank, valid on the respective day.

Important: your standing order agreement will not be terminated because of insufficient funds for the payment.

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