Swedbank and Society

We are glad to welcome you at Swedbank's page of social participation!

Being a market leader in Estonia carries both a great responsibility and a good opportunity to support and take active part in these initiatives that are evidence based and make a real impact in our society.

For that reason Swedbank Estonia has chosen three specific focus areas where our help is beneficial and also needed the most. Therefore, we have decided to foster financial and digital literacy, entrepreneurship and development of sustainable society. We understand that sometimes our skills and knowledge can benefit more than money could. Thus all Swedbank Estonia employees have two paid days off each year for professional and team volunteering.

From here you can find a brief overview of the initiatives we have founded and are proudly taking part of.

Literacy is priceless. The ability to read and write gives us something that no one can take away – our knowledge. The data from the Ministry of Education (2016) shows that 11% of people aged 18-24 have low education levels and are not continuing their studies. According to some institutions (EHIS) this number is reaching even 20%. For a country as small as we are, these numbers are way too high.

This is why we have contributed to improving education in Estonia for more than 10 years now. We founded and are continuously supporting the Youth to School (Noored Kooli) initiative, which aims to bring more talented and motivating teachers of hard sciences to schools. The aim is to raise students’ interest towards those subjects and showing that math and physics can be very thrilling. We are also strategic partners to the Back to School (Tagasi Kooli) initiative, which brings inspiring guest teachers to schools.

Back to School

Estonia is relatively big while fairly small. This means that all of us have an opportunity to take active role in the society to make it a positive and encouraging environment. The objective of Back to School is to bring more real-life experience to schools and strengthen cooperation between schools and the rest of the society. We aim to get more active people involved in education, be it parents, alumni or someone else capable of enriching the lessons of current students and sharing knowledge that cannot be found in textbooks.

We are a strategic partner and a true fan of Back to School initiative since 2012. As of now more than 380 Swedbank Estonia employees have signed up and regularly visit students at schools to share their knowledge on money and digital matters, and give necessary career advice. We have currently reached 86% of schools in Estonia and organised lessons to more than 52,000 students. You can share your knowhow and experience about your profession or hobbies – may it be financial analysis or winter swimming. To inspire Estonia’s future read more here and go back to school: www.tagasikooli.ee.

Youth to School

In 2006, Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation (Heateo SA) established the Youth to School programme so that every child in Estonia would be able to get very good education. Every year we pick up to 30 capable and active people from various spheres of life to join the programme and offer them a unique challenge. For two years, participants of the programme will teach in schools across Estonia, where they have a chance to directly impact the development of each of their students. The participants will simultaneously be attending a teaching and leadership course, which helps them become outstanding leaders both in classrooms as well as in the society. With the skills and knowledge acquired from this experience in schools, participants will be able to lead all kinds of undertakings successfully. We believe in the Youth to School mission and goals wholeheartedly.

Learn more: www.nooredkooli.ee.

Institute for Finances

These days financial literacy is just as vital as writing, calculating, dressing oneself and having basic communication skills. Wisdom concerning money is a combination of knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, which ensure that one makes smart decisions regarding his financial matters. Financial literacy encompasses family’s budget planning, basic knowledge of investing and responsible behaviour with money.

However, various studies have shown that there is a discrepancy between the theoretic knowledge that Estonians possess and their actual behaviour. Although the majority of people have acquired key principles of daily money matters and planning, oftentimes, they do not follow those principles in their daily errands concerning finances. This is why we find it important to educate out clients and share knowledge, experience and skills concerning financial wisdom, both during school lessons and via the Institute for Finances.

Savings journal

In order to promote financial wisdom and offer practical tips concerning money, we created a Facebook group called Savings journal (Kogumispäevik). The aim of this is to form a community of people who wish to save money and stay motivated in moving towards their goals. Members of the group share excellent tips and tricks on saving and get inspiration from the experiences of others. You can start saving wisely as well, join the group HERE.