Swedbank and Society

We are glad to welcome you at Swedbank's page of social participation!

For us, participation in society means that we support and take an active part in various constructive initiatives in Estonian society. In addition to the financial support, we also contribute with our time and share our skills and knowledge.

All that in order to help forward Estonian life and entrepreneurship. Check out the initiatives started and supported by us.

Advancing education and financial literacy

The better the people's financial literacy skills are, the more informed choices they can have on a daily basis. We support the initiatives:Back to School and Young Teachers to Schools.

Back to School

Estonia is small, which means that we all have the opportunity to give our best for the advancement of life in Estonia. The aim of the Back to School initiative is to strengthen co-operation between schools and the rest of society, and to involve active citizens – parents, alumni and everyone else who wants to enrich the school lessons and share their knowledge with today's students. We are a strategic partner and an ardent fan of this initiative. By today, more than 150 of Swedbank's employees have registered themselves through the Back to School infosystem as a guest teacher, in order to attend and to share the wisdom of money with students on a regular basis. It is also your chance to share your knowledge with students from your walk of life. Come to school for one hour, or make it to your continuous activity!


Young Teachers to Schools

In 2006 Swedbank and Good Deed Foundation launched a program „Young Teachers to Schools ”, in order to help every child in Estonia to be able to get a very good education. In every year we choose up to 25 capable and active university graduates and offer them a unique challenge. Within two years of the program, participants will teach at school, where they can directly affect each of their student's progress. At the same time, they pass through the teaching and management skills training to support their formation to become outstanding teachers and leaders. With the skills and knowledge they receive from school, they will be able to lead successfully any kind of venture.