Swedbank and Society

We are glad to welcome you at Swedbank's page of social participation!

For us, participation in society means that we support and take an active part in various constructive initiatives in Estonian society. In addition to the financial support, we also contribute with our time and share our skills and knowledge.

All that in order to help forward Estonian life and entrepreneurship. Check out the initiatives started and supported by us.

Advancing education and financial literacy

The better the people's financial literacy skills are, the more informed choices they can have on a daily basis. We support the initiatives:Back to School and Young Teachers to Schools.

Back to School

Estonia is small, which means that we all have the opportunity to give our best for the advancement of life in Estonia. The aim of the Back to School initiative is to strengthen co-operation between schools and the rest of society, and to involve active citizens – parents, alumni and everyone else who wants to enrich the school lessons and share their knowledge with today's students. We are a strategic partner and an ardent fan of this initiative. By today, more than 150 of Swedbank's employees have registered themselves through the Back to School infosystem as a guest teacher, in order to attend and to share the wisdom of money with students on a regular basis. It is also your chance to share your knowledge with students from your walk of life. Come to school for one hour, or make it to your continuous activity!


Young Teachers to Schools

In 2006 Swedbank and Good Deed Foundation launched a program „Young Teachers to Schools ”, in order to help every child in Estonia to be able to get a very good education. In every year we choose up to 25 capable and active university graduates and offer them a unique challenge. Within two years of the program, participants will teach at school, where they can directly affect each of their student's progress. At the same time, they pass through the teaching and management skills training to support their formation to become outstanding teachers and leaders. With the skills and knowledge they receive from school, they will be able to lead successfully any kind of venture.


Advancing entrepreneurship

The key to a successful country is its business-minded people, therefore, we support people in their enterprising ideas to make them alive.

Prototron - a prototype fund

It is hard to imagine a world today where there are no computers or pendants. But once they were just mere ideas, completed then as their first prototypes, which then however, changed the world. In order to enable new ideas to change the world today, Swedbank, working with TTU's Tehnopol, has launched a business fund through which young talented entrepreneurs can develop prototypes and bring new, world changing products to the market. Several new key players such as Lingvist, coModule, Sprayprinter and Qminder have seen the light of day thanks to this initiative. More than 1100 clever and sharp-witted ideas were submitted to the Prototron Fund in the previous application rounds, and a total of 29 projects have received over 345,000 euros of financing. Enterprising Estonians are full of good ideas!


Bright Minds

The entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge and skills of students, which allow them to view enterprise as a personal career choice, are of vital importance to Estonia. In cooperation with Mektory, the Innovation Centre of the Tallinn University of Technology, we have initiated the Bright Minds student business idea contest in order to boost the entrepreneurial initiative of youth and provide them with primary knowledge concerning the foundation of their own companies. Within the framework of the year-long training programme, the youth will be steeped in the knowledge of local entrepreneurs as well as representatives of successful start-up companies in relation to founding companies. Their advice and support will inspire the youth to implement their ideas. The best young developers of business ideas are determined during the final event in the spring.


Healty and vital human capital

In co-operation with two other big companies, Eesti Energia and Merko, we have initiated a network of Health tracks, so that everyone would have the opportunity to take care of their own health - at any time.

Health tracks

Do you remember how you felt after a small jog in the forest? How your body was tingling and you were all aware and invigorated… We think it is such a great feeling that we invite everyone to leg it from their offices every year and help to develop natural health tracks in Estonia. We want more and more people in Estonia to have the option to sport for free whenever they like. Therefore, in 2004 we initiated in co-operation with Eesti Energia and Merko a network of natural recreational tracks. There are currently 100 tracks in the network of Estonian Health tracks, in a total length of more than 800 km. Many of these tracks are lit in a way that it is possible to jog from sunset to sunrise - because health tracks, unlike sporting clubs, are always open.


Youth skiing

In addition to Estonian Health tracks, we support also young Estonian skiers and help them to have better training opportunities. Since 2010 Swedbank and the Ski Association are oiling their roller-skis and inviting all young people to the Youth Summer Ski Camp. The instructors in the camp are youth trainers attested by the Estonian Ski Association, top Estonian skiers and Swedbank’s employees. Come and ski your heart out! For the 19th year we organize a youth ski series to give young talents the chance to compete with each other. This Swedbank-ETV series is meant for young people aged 10-23, it consists of five stages and takes place on beautiful tracks across Estonia. Come and enjoy!

A broad-based and sustainable economic development

By supporting of influential organizations in Estonia, who make it possible to help others, we contribute also to the development of society.

Food Bank

There are more than 100,000 people in Estonia today, who have difficulties in buying their daily food, including more than 20,000 children who feel deficiency. At the same time every week a lot of good food is left over from stores, wholesale stores, food manufacturers and farms. In 2010, along with Estonian-Netherlands Charitable Foundation we established the first Estonian Food Bank, to help the food from where it is left over, to the places where it is most needed. By today, the Food Bank has expanded its activities to almost all Estonian counties.


Good Deed Foundation

Good Deed Foundation is helping the high-impact social initiatives to become active organizations and social entreprises. The foundation supports spreading the social innovation in Estonia and increasing the knowledge about strategic philantropy in private sector. In co-operation with the Good Deed Foundation we are the only bank in Estonia to offer our private banking clients consultations on philantropy, helping them with a single donation as well as managing a NGO or starting a new foundation.


Donation environment "I Love to Help“

The donation environment "I Love to Help" came alive in 2008. Established in cooperation of the Good Deed Foundation and Swedbank, it has now grown into the biggest online tool in Estonia to intermediate donations.

The aim of the donation environment is to promote Estonian culture of charity - by bringing together the reliable and influential charity organizations in Estonia, giving them the opportunity to present their activities and to collect donations without a service fee.

Positive changes begin with small acts. The Donation environment "I Love to Help“ unites all of those who believe that each of us has an important role to play in society - to support those who need help. The environment, established in 2008 in co-operation with the Good Deed Foundation, unites all those organisations who have influence and who want help to advance the life in Estonia in all various spheres. All those organizations are strong and reliable - which ensures that your donation reaches the people who need it. Donating is simple - choose a project close to your heart and donate the money, bonus points, or maybe your own time.

By moving its home from it original location on Swedbank's webpage to www.armastanaidata.ee, it is even more spacious and more comfortable meeting place today both for the organizations and the donors.

Nearly 40 organizations are represented in this reformed donation environment, divided into four different activities:

  • children and families
  • health and coping
  • animals and conserving the nature
  • education and equal opportunities

Discover the new environment and support reliable and influential organizations!

Good makes good!