New regulations in 2018

New regulations – new possibilities

During 2018 there are a few EU regulations which will enter into force. The three most extensive regulations are MiFID2 (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


This regulation affects all Savings products except from simple Savings accounts. The intention is to improve the customer protection and transparency for the customer.

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The purpose with this directive is to increase competition and thereby the range of products. PSD2 opens up the Financial Market and give opportunities for more actors on the market. This increase the competition and give the bank new possibilities for development and new co-operations.

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The main purpose of GDPR is to give people control over their own personal data and to simplify the regulations for international business through a coordinated legislation within EU. GDPR cover every company and organisation, not only banks.

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