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Donation Environment

Donation environment "I Love to Help“

The donation environment "I Love to Help" came alive in 2008. Established in cooperation of the Good Deed Foundation and Swedbank, it has now grown into the biggest online tool in Estonia to intermediate donations.

The aim of the donation environment is to promote Estonian culture of charity - by bringing together the reliable and influential charity organizations in Estonia, giving them the opportunity to present their activities and to collect donations without a service fee.

By moving its home from it original location on Swedbank's webpage to, it is even more spacious and more comfortable meeting place today both for the organizations and the donors.

Nearly 40 organizations are represented in this reformed donation environment, divided into four different activities:

  • children and families
  • health and coping
  • animals and conserving the nature
  • education and equal opportunities

Discover the new environment and support reliable and influential organizations!

Good makes good!

Positive changes begin with small acts. The Donation environment "I Love to Help“ unites all of those who believe that each of us has an important role to play in society - to support those who need help. The environment, established in 2008 in co-operation with the Good Deed Foundation, unites all those organisations who have influence and who want help to advance the life in Estonia in all various spheres. All those organizations are strong and reliable - which ensures that your donation reaches the people who need it. Donating is simple - choose a project close to your heart and donate the money, or maybe your own time.

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