Family Financial Planner

A lot of families prefer to organise their money matters from one ‘purse’. And that is exactly what the Family Financial Planner will let you do – it will give you an overview of all your family’s income and expenses. You can use this information to draw up budgets for you, set goals and more. Every member of your family can share their accounts with everyone else, but you don’t have to share yours in return if you don’t want to.

Share your accounts with other members of your family

Sharing your accounts with other members of your family (such as your partner) means giving them the right to view your transactions. They see your transactions in their Financial Planner, not on an account statement or the balance page. You can always choose who you share this information with and who shares their accounts with you, and you can amend these rights at any time. Sharing your accounts requires absolute trust in the people you share them with. You should bear in mind that every transaction you make – even if you delete them from the Financial Planner or allocate them to one group or another – will be visible to other members of your family using the planner.

Plan together

If you share accounts as part of the Family Financial Planner, this generates a single database of transactions which links (for example) the accounts of both you and your partner. Functions like the financial dashboard, budget and goals take into consideration all of the transactions you and your family members make, although they won’t see the budgets, goals, etc. that you have set up. That way, every member of the family can make their own budget, regardless of the fact that the overall picture on the transactions page is the same.

How do I go about sharing my accounts?

  1. Start using the Family Financial Planner
    Take a look at the Family Financial Planner box-out on the set-up page. Just one click and you will activate the Family Financial Planner. Then you can start granting rights to your family members.
  2. Grant rights to your family members
    Talk about the Family Financial Planner with your family and agree on how you would like to use it. Enter the given names and surnames and the number of one of the settlement accounts of each of the family members who will use the planner (not their Internet bank user name or ID code). The accounts don’t have to be linked to the Financial Planner – this is just to check that we are dealing with the right people. Next, send your family members invitations to start sharing your accounts. If you like, you can reword the text of the invitations.
  3. Choose the accounts you want to share
    Select the accounts you want to share with your family members. These will then appear on the transaction page of your family members’ Financial Planners, linking all of the income and expenses of your family.
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