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Swedbank V-funds

A great opportunity for a long-term investment in the third pension pillar

  • You can get an income tax rebate on the contributions*.
  • The entry and transaction fees when purchasing V-funds are €0.
  • Easy pricing system: no additional costs to management fee.

* You can get an income tax rebate on payments into the third pillar that comprise up to 15% of your gross annual income but no more than 6,000 euros during the calendar year. You must submit a tax return to get the tax rebate. You will only receive a rebate on third pillar pension payments if you have made the payments yourself.

How to start saving?

  1. You need a pension account to accumulate funds in the 3rd pillar. Having never collected funds in the 3rd pillar before, you must first create a pension account. When opening an account, you can immediately choose the fund to which your payments will go in the future.

    Open pension account

  2. Deposits can be made both as monthly fixed payments and as one-time payments at a time and in an amount of your choosing. Monthly payments are recommended, because in this way you will be contributing to the funds regularly by buying fund shares at different prices.
  3. To find out whether V-funds are the right option for you and to determine which one to choose, fill in the suitability questionnaire.

Pension Fund V100

  • Up to 100% of the fund’s assets are invested in equity risk instruments.
  • The value of a fund share may fluctuate substantially.

V100 fund is suitable if:

  • you are with a high risk tolerance experienced investor;
  • your objective is to increase assets as much as possible over a long savings period (at least 10 years).
Swedbank Pension Fund V100 EE3600071049 EUR 03.09.2003 78 314 711.92 EUR 1.8361 EUR 1.8361 EUR 1.8361 EUR -0.0289 EUR (-1.55%); Equity funds
Lower Risk Typically lower rewards
Higher risk Typically higher rewards

Long term return till 20.09.2021

Annualized return Return
1 year +22.17% +22.31%
3 years +8.50% +27.75%
5 years +7.83% +45.80%

Performance chart

    { "userId": "UNKNOWN", "token": "6ADB0E14FE89BC571201E4B202D9FBBE35E6514BBBCCE3084A1CF4BD1ADFEB8C0F845129A1D6DA361D1DF4832990F7920FA94770A1D681082E3BDF9738E4D5AF3584356ADB0F68F08C27E9716E90A078AE195F", "identifiers": { "SWEDPENSV1": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund V30", "identifier": "DFE19023BBC8B150EE65486F933FE67EEBD2A4168E8E8416E812496F934CE708EBD0A5118F8A8565EE62491A934CE60AECA3A4108F8E8465EF13491D9338E675EAA7A565888C8416EE10481C923FE60AEAA7A3618FF18564EE10496F954EE60AEAA7A5108EFF8565EF624919923FE709EAD2A51588F98416EE104F6B923CE67EEBD4A5128EFD8565EF13481A9333E60AEAA7A3678E8E8416EF6248189333E60AEAA7A361DFE1915FB3F2C56EDB567D55AE30A772" } , "SWEDPENSV2": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund V60", "identifier": "8FD9650E9C72D37FF1B95F6D3D9CB017BBEA513BA934E639F7CE5E6D3DEFB161BBE8503CA830E74AF1BE5E183DEFB063BC9B513DA834E64AF0CF5E1F3D9BB01CBA9F5048AF36E639F1CC5F1E3C9CB063BA9F564CA84BE74BF1CC5E6D3BEDB063BA9F503DA945E74AF0BE5E1B3C9CB160BAEA5038AF40E639F1CC58693C9FB017BBEC503FA947E74AF0CF5F183D90B063BA9F564AA934E639F0BE5F1A3D90B063BA9F564C8FD964729448A741C48A6A570093F11B" } , "SWEDPENSV3": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund V100", "identifier": "4E9B0D6BA7A5B35BB4E0E8BC9F7903CE7AA8395E92E3861DB297E9BC9F0A02B87AAA385993E7876EB4E7E9C99F0A03BA7DD9395893E3866EB596E9CE9F7E03C57BDD382D94E1861DB495E8CF9E7903BA7BDD3E29939C876FB495E9BC990803BA7BDD38589292876EB5E7E9CA9E7902B97BA8385D9496861DB495EFB89E7A03CE7AAE385A9290876EB596E8C99F7503BA7BDD3E2F92E3861DB5E7E8CB9F7503BA7BDD3E294E9B0C17AF9FC76581D3DD86A27642C2" } , "SWEDPENSV100": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund V100 index (limited redemption)", "identifier": "0B919AD4FCA3796FE95CACB0D02CB8133FA2AEE1C9E54C29EF2BADB0D05FB9653FA0AFE6C8E14D5AE95BADC5D05FB86738D3AEE7C8E54C5AE82AADC2D02BB8183ED7AF92CFE74C29E929ACC3D12CB8673ED7A996C89A4D5BE929ADB0D65DB8673ED7AFE7C9944D5AE85BADC6D12CB9643EA2AFE2CF924A5FEF5FADB0D05FBE633FA7AFE6C8964C5EE95AACC3D15CB9123EA8AF92C9E54A2BE929ADB0D12DB9103EA8AF92C9E54A2D0B919BA8F4990D50DC6F998AED23F91E" } , "HANSAP2S-K1": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund K10", "identifier": "10C75FF112E6B4E8C5E36E944EC0533E24F46BC427A081AEC3946F944EB3524824F66AC326A480DDC5E46FE14EB3534A23856BC226A081DDC4956FE64EC7533525816AB721A281AEC5966EE74FC0534A25816CB326DF80DCC5966F9448B1534A25816BC926D780ADC5E36EE34EC5553E25F46DB526A487D9C5966F9448B7523A25F56BC427D781DDC4E56E974FC6533525816AB721A281AEC5966EE64FC4533525816AB721A410C75E8D1ADCC0D7F0D05BAE73CF1233" } , "HANSAP2S-K2": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund K30", "identifier": "874D624ADC10D50A6DF2D67D6E93085FB37E567FE956E04C6B85D77D6EE00929B37C5778E852E13F6DF5D7086EE0082BB40F5679E856E03F6C84D70F6E940854B20B570CEF54E04C6D87D60E6F93082BB20B5108E829E13E6D87D77D68E2082BB20B5672E821E14F6DF2D60A6E960E5FB27E500EE852E6386D87D77D68E4095BB27F567FE921E03F6CF4D67E6F950854B20B570CEF54E04C6D87D60F6F970854B20B570CEF52874D6336D42AA13558C1E347539C4952" } , "HANSAP2S-K3": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund K60", "identifier": "3FAE30C94A9D4186BD69D856F2E031D90B9D04FC7FDB74C0BB1ED956F29330AF0B9F05FB7EDF75B3BD6ED923F29331AD0CEC04FA7EDB74B3BC1FD924F2E731D20AE8058F79D974C0BD1CD825F3E031AD0AE8038B7EA475B2BD1CD956F49131AD0AE804F17EAC75C3BD69D821F2E537D90A9D028D7EDF72B5BD1CD956F49730DD0A9C04FC7FAC74B3BC6FD855F3E631D20AE8058F79D974C0BD1CD824F3E431D20AE8058F79DF3FAE31B542A735B9885AED6CCFEF70D4" } , "HANSAP2S-K4": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund K100", "identifier": "B07AA5EBA2E41AB54F5F0BAB26E54B44844991DE97A22FF349280AAB26964A32844B90D996A62E804F580ADE26964B30833891D896A22F804E290AD926E24B4F853C90AD91A02FF34F2A0BD827E54B30853C96A996DD2E814F2A0AAB20944B30853C91D396D52EF04F5F0BDC26E04D44854997AF96A629814F2A0AAB20924A40854891DE97D52F804E590BA827E34B4F853C90AD91A02FF34F2A0BD927E14B4F853C90AD91A6B07AA497AADE6E8A7A6C3E911BEA0A49" } , "SWEDPK90-99": { "name": "Swedbank Pension Fund K1990-1999 Index", "identifier": "3C368A186F9B5937B9082A964A173DA10805BE2D5ADD6C71BF7F2B964A643CD70807BF2A5BD96D02B90F2BE34A643DD50F74BE2B5BDD6C02B87E2BE44A103DAA0970BF5E5CDF6C71B97D2AE54B173DD50970B95A5BA26D03B97D2B964C663DD50970BF2B5AAC6D02B80F2BE04B603BAA0F06B85C5CA26A0EB97D2B964C603CA50904BE2D5AAA6C02B80E2A954B113DAA0970BF5E5CDF6C71B97D2AE44B133DAA0970BF5E5CD93C368B6467A12D088C3B1FAC77187CAC" } } }

    Net asset values of the pension fund prior to 01.01.2011 have been translated into the euro at the official central rate of 15.6466.

    Calendar year total returns

    Year 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
    +2.49% +20.21% -8.96% +9.02% +6.97%

    Volatility measures

    • Standard deviation : 13.44 %
    • Sharpe ratio : 0.71

    All indicators are based on 3 year period

    Your pension assets will be managed by the best experts in Estonia and the Nordic countries

    This pension fund is managed by Swedbank Investeerimisfondid AS.

    We have a large team who works hard on a daily basis to increase pension assets: fund managers, analysts, risk managers and others. The expertise of our fund managers is highly regarded in Estonia and abroad.

    The team based in Tallinn determines the strategy of the pension funds, i.e. makes decisions regarding where and how much to invest, considering the long-term factors influencing financial markets.

    The team based in Stockholm makes daily investment decisions based on the strategy, depending on events in recent history or expectations in the near future on financial markets.

    Katrin Rahe

    Senior portfolio manager, Tallinn

    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). In Swedbank Investment Funds since 2011. Has experience in various investment area related positions at Bank of Estonia and Nordea since 1996. Responsible for setting pension funds' strategy based on financial markets long-term Outlook.

    Ene Õunmaa

    Senior portfolio manager, Tallinn

    In Swedbank Investment Funds since 2011. Has experience in various investment area related positions since 1997. ISMA certificate holder.

    Pertti Rahnel

    Portfolio manager, Stockholm

    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). In Swedbank Robur since 2011. Has experience in various investment area related positions at Swedbank Group since 2005. Responsible for global investments.

    Swedbank Pension Fund V100

    Swedbank Pension Fund V100 promotes among other factors environmental and social characteristics, for example, when making investments including companies based on the sustainability factors described below and by excluding investments in the activities described below.

    Sustainability focused on the environment and climate change is integrated into Swedbank Pension Fund V100 investments selection process mainly through a gradual reduction of CO2 intensity, thematic investments and an increase in the share of green bonds in the portfolio, and through the identification and management of sustainability risks. Also, in the underlying funds selection process, investments are directed more towards funds with a sustainable focus. Swedbank Pension Fund V100 excludes from the portfolio investments that involve high sustainability risks and companies whose activities, in the opinion of the management company, are harmful to society and the environment, according to the management company’s principles of responsible and sustainable investments. In order to promote sustainability, the management company also applies the principles for shareholder engagement, especially when investing in Baltic companies.
    Swedbank Pension Fund V100 management uses sustainability approaches set forth by internal rules or by setting the goals for portfolio managers. Swedbank Pension Fund V100 investments are screened by using tools developed by management company itself or based on data purchased from external data providers (e.g. MSCI). These ensure that Swedbank Pension Fund V100 does not invest in excluded holdings or are used for analysing and evaluating the sustainability of investments. Swedbank Pension Fund V100 sustainability parameters, such as carbon footprint, are measured on a regular basis if such measurement is possible given Swedbank Pension Fund V100 investment universe and access to underlying data.

    Useful links

    Investment Helpline

    613 1606 (Mon-Fri 9.00–17.00)

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