Life Cycle Fund

A unique II pillar fund in Estonia

  • The life-cycle fund is suitable for you throughout the saving period.
  • The pension is accumulating and it does not need your attention.
  • We reduce the investment risk for you.
  • Always favourable administration fee – 0.49% per year.

The life cycle strategy fund K1990-1999

  • The fund invests in indexes.
  • The proportion of equity-risk investments in the fund decreases over the years. Stock markets may go up and down, but when you are young you can take greater risks.
  • The closer you get to retirement, the lower the proportion of equities and the higher the proportion of bonds.

We recommend you the Life Cycle Fund, when:

  • you were born in 1990 or later and remember that you could record your favourite tracks on cassettes;
  • you will have many more years until retirement. Therefore, you can choose a higher risk fund that also offers better returns.
Fund name
Swedbank Pension Fund K1990-1999 Index
Launch date
Fund size (28.01.2020):
10 797 181.20 EUR
NAV at 28.01.2020  
0.84176 EUR
Subscription at 28.01.2020  
0.84176 EUR
Redemption at 28.01.2020  
0.84176 EUR
NAV change  
0.00729 EUR (+0.87%);
Fund Type  
Balanced funds
Units owned by the Fund Management Company
470 000 units
Risk and reward profile
Lower Risk  
Higher risk  

Performance chart