Life Cycle Fund

New opportunity to save in 2nd pension pillar

  • This is a convenient way of keeping your pension assets in one fund throughout the saving period.
  • The risk profile of the fund changes according to age.
  • The assets are mainly invested in index funds and other index instruments.
  • Low fund management fee: 0,49% per year.

The life cycle strategy fund K90-99

  • The proportion of investments with equity risk will decrease with time. More detailed overview is available in the prospectus.
  • The proportion of investments with equity risk will only ever vary from the indicated level by max. 2%. The remainder is invested in bonds, other debt instruments, deposits and other assets.
  • The value of the fund shares may fluctuate greatly over short periods.

The K90-99 fund will suit you first and foremost if:

  • you were born between 1990 and 1999;
  • you don’t want to change funds yourself during the savings period (although you can still do so if you need to);
  • you prefer the risk profile of the fund to change automatically.
Fund name
Swedbank Pension Fund K90-99
Launch date
Fund size (22.08.2019):
5 922 587.64 EUR
NAV at 22.08.2019  
0.74891 EUR
Subscription at 22.08.2019  
0.74891 EUR
Redemption at 22.08.2019  
0.74891 EUR
NAV change  
-0.00203 EUR (-0.27%);
Fund Type  
Balanced funds
Units owned by the Fund Management Company
470 000 units
Risk and reward profile
Lower Risk  
Higher risk  

Performance chart