Actively managed funds

Lowest management fees in Estonia

The management fees of our actively managed 2nd pillar funds are the lowest in Estonia

  • Investments are globally diversified between countries and sectors.
  • We also invest in Estonia and the other Baltic States.
  • We help you in monitoring that the chosen fund suits your purposes and notify you when it is time to change your fund.

K4 pension fund – Equity strategy

  • Up to 75% of the fund’s assets are invested in equity-risk instruments, with up to 50% permitted to be invested directly in equities. The rest are invested in bonds, money market instruments, deposits, real estate and other assets.
  • The value of a fund share may fluctuate greatly over shorter periods.

The K4 fund is suitable for you if:

  • Your age is up to 44 years;
  • you are a pension saver with relatively high risk tolerance who is aware of the main features and risks of securities;
  • your objective is to grow your pension assets as much as possible over a longer savings period (more than 10 years).
Fund name
Swedbank Pension Fund K4
Launch date
Fund size (22.08.2019):
366 318 409.79 EUR
NAV at 22.08.2019  
1.00951 EUR
Subscription at 22.08.2019  
1.00951 EUR
Redemption at 22.08.2019  
1.00951 EUR
NAV change  
-0.00241 EUR (-0.24%);
Fund Type  
Balanced funds
Units owned by the Fund Management Company
2 070 000 units
Risk and reward profile
Lower Risk  
Higher risk  

Long term return till 22.08.2019

Annualized return Return
1 year +1.15% +1.15%
3 years +4.68% +14.69%
5 years +4.10% +22.26%

Performance chart

    Net asset values of the pension fund prior to 01.01.2011 have been translated into the euro at the official central rate of 15.6466.

    Calendar year total returns

    Year 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
    Total return -4.83% +7.95% +5.70% +3.35% +7.46%

    Volatility measures

    • Standard deviation : 6.08 %
    • Sharpe ratio : 0.93

    All indicators are based on 3 year period