The Third Pillar

Calculate income tax return on 3rd pillar contributions

Monthly payment
Accrual period

*This calculation is an example and based on the 20% income tax rate valid in 2016. Income tax will be refunded from third pillar pension contributions that are up to 15% of your gross income but not more than 6,000 euros per calendar year. Income tax from the contributions will be refunded to you if you submit an income tax return. You will only be able to gain a refund on third pillar pension payments if you have concluded the respective transactions yourself.

Contributions per year
Total contributions in savings period
360 EUR*
Income tax rebate in savings period
72 EUR*

Which third pillar agreement is suitable for me?

Pension Insurance+

Partial guarantee for contributions.


Actively managed pension funds on securities account.

Suitable if I want a partial guarantee on contributions and don’t want to deal with investments myself I want to choose and change funds myself – I have some interest in investing

Conclude contract

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Conclude contract

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Why do I need the third pension pillar?

Bigger pension

The average length of time an Estonian person spends in retirement is 20 years.

Your pension will probably be 60% smaller than your salary if you don’t put money into the third pension pillar.

Income tax incentive

The state gives you a 20% income tax rebate on third pension pillar contributions. The incentive can be used for contributions that are up to 15% of your cross salary but not more than €6,000 per year.

The third pension pillar is your personal asset that you can use with tax incentives even before you retire.

Risk questionnaire

There are many options for saving in the third pension pillar. Please answer the nine questions in our risk questionnaire to find the solution that lets you plan for your future with peace of mind. This shows you the best option.

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