Swedbank V-funds


A great opportunity for long-term investment in the 3rd pillar pension

  • You may get a tax rebate* on your contributions.
  • The entry and transaction fees when purchasing V-funds are €0.
  • You can increase and decrease the amount you pay and suspend payments for a certain period.
  • We offer three funds with different risk levels.
  • You can change from one 3rd pillar fund to another.

*Income tax will be refunded from third pillar pension contributions that are up to 15% of your gross income but not more than 6,000 euros per calendar year. Income tax from the contributions will be refunded to you if you submit an income tax return. You will only be able to gain a refund on third pillar pension payments if you have concluded the respective transactions yourself.

What should I know before investing in V-funds?


In order to work out whether V-funds are right for you and which one to choose, fill in this risk questionnaire.

Fill in risk questionnaire


You need to have a securities account in order to invest in V-funds. If you don’t have one yet, you can open one free of charge in the Internet Bank.

Open securities account


Pension Fund V3 - Equity Strategy

  • Up to 100% of the fund’s assets are invested in equity risk instruments.
  • The value of a fund share may fluctuate substantially.

V3 fund is suitable if:

  • you are with a high risk tolerance experienced investor;
  • your objective is to increase assets as much as possible over a long savings period (at least 10 years).

Long term return till 21.05.2018

Annualized return Return
1 year +4.39% +4.41%
3 years +2.09% +6.40%
5 years +5.29% +29.40%

Performance chart

    Net asset values of the pension fund prior to 01.01.2011 have been translated into the euro at the official central rate of 15.6466.

    Calendar year total returns

    Year 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
    Total return +9.02% +6.97% +2.93% +9.50% +6.30%

    Volatility measures

    • Standard deviation : 9.30 %
    • Sharpe ratio : 0.21

    All indicators are based on 3 year period

    Investment Helpline

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