Private pension portfolio

The best way to save money profitable in the long term

The Private Pension Portfolio suits you if you want to collect money for pension, but you do not want to engage in daily investments. By entering into a contract, you agree the objectives, and the subsequent investment decisions will be made by the professionals in their field. You will be kept constantly informed of the investment results via the Internet Bank.

More about the advantages

  • An easy way to invest – choose a strategy according to your objectives and risk tolerance

    You choose the investment strategy according to your objectives and your risk tolerance.
  • Actively managed investment strategies

    You choose a strategy according to your needs and your risk tolerance; we choose the substance of the strategy and manage it actively.
  • Flexibility in investing money

    You can invest money on monthly basis subject to the contract by direct debit or at the time and in the amount at your option. Similarly, you can take the money into use at any time.
  • State supports collecting retirement money with tax incentive

    The state supports saving money in the third pension pillar, and therefore your contributions to Private Pension Insurance contract in the amount of up to 15% of your annual revenue will be exempt from income tax.
  • Contract owner decides inheritance of pension assets

    If a beneficiary is determined in the Private Pension Portfolio, the contract is not included in the estate.
  • Convenient tracking of investments in the Internet Bank

    Comprehensive information about the contract is available in the Internet Bank, where the owner of the contract can tract the rate of return based on the contract, cash flow information, transactions in units, and make amendments in the contract.

Investment strategies

Aggressive growth strategy

The objective of the Strategy is to provide Clients with a maximum possible rate of return, which is sought to be achieved by investing in equity securities. To achieve its objective, the assets of the Strategy portfolio are invested 100% in equity securities. This Strategy suits more experienced (in financial markets) Clients with long term time horizon(more than 7 years), whose objective is the maximum growth of assets and who agree to take high risks for this purpose (risk comparable with equity investments - high price volatility and substantial risk of loss of large part of capital).

Private portfolio for pension - Calculator

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between Fund Plan For Pension and Private Pension Portfolio?

    The Private Pension Portfolio owner may take the easy option when making the investments - the daily investment decisions are made for him by the portfolio managers after the investor has chosen the strategy. Portfolio owners must get involved only in case the chosen strategy no longer suits their objectives.
    Fund Plan for Pension on the other hand are suitable for well-informed investors who enjoy the opportunity to compile their investment portfolio themselves and manage it actively. Even in case the standard portfolio based on the strategy and recommended by Swedbank is chosen, the shares of funds must be rebalanced or even the funds must be changed from time to time as appropriate in order to make the structure of the portfolio comply with the strategy chosen. For both products it’s important to fill in Swedbank risk assessment questionnaire. You can fill it in any time here.
  • Why does the Private Pension Portfolio have five strategies?

    The Private Pension Portfolio has five strategies in order to offer the opportunity to invest money to customers with different risk tolerance and objectives. By choosing the strategy you determine the principal investment rules: in which assets and instruments your money is invested, which risks are taken, and which could be the recommended duration of the investment.
    It’s important to fill in Swedbank risk assessment questionnaire before concluding contract, risk questionnaire helps you to find suitable strategy. You can fill it in any time here.
  • Is it possible for me to change the strategy and what are the costs associated with this?

    You can change the strategy at any moment. Should your needs change, you can always exchange the strategy chosen for another one. No fees or income tax liability will arise from this in case of the Private Pension Portfolio. Risk questionnaire helps you to check suitability of existing strategy here.
  • How often are the underlying assets of the strategies examined, how often are they changed and what is the basis for this?

    Changes in the strategies are made according to the need, e.g., if the situation on the financial markets requires a change – either balancing of the investments or replacement of certain investments. The strategies are managed as agreed in the short prospectus and according to the strategic distribution of the assets. The choice of strategies is based on quantitative analysis, measuring the historical rate of return, risk level, management and investment process.
  • How is it possible to terminate the Private Pension Portfolio contract and what are the costs associated with the termination of the contract?

    The Private Pension Portfolio contract can be terminated at a bank branch or using the Internet Bank. To terminate the contract using the Internet Bank, you should first call the Investment Helpline, phone 613 1606, or contact them by the e-mail A service charge of 0.5 % of the disbursement is applied upon termination of the contract based on the price list, if the termination application is submitted when less than five years have expired from the entry into the contract. When five years have already expired, no service fee shall apply upon termination of the contract.

    Payout sum will be taxed with income tax.
  • What should I do when I no longer want to make regular investments in the Private Pension Portfolio?

    A regular payment schedule can be terminated using the Internet, when you access your Private Pension Portfolio contract in the Internet Bank. Please select from the menu: Property and life insurance -> My contracts -> Private Pension Portfolio -> Changes-> Change of the method of payment.
  • Is it also possible to get a life insurance with the Private Pension Portfolio?

    The Private Portfolio is a unit-linked III pillar life insurance contract and in case the Private Pension Portfolio owner dies, the disbursement shall be made to the beneficiary indicated in the contract (unlike e.g. the investments held in the securities account). The amount to be disbursed is the value of the portfolio, to which the insurer adds 2 % (based on the law the minimum amount disbursed in case of death is 102 % of the value of the accumulation reserve).
    As the objective of the Private Pension Portfolio is still to invest pension assets, it is impossible to agree on a higher insurance cover in this contract. If you wish to give your family confidence for a bigger amount than that accumulated in your Private Pension Portfolio, we recommend finding of a suitable solution from among the insurance products offered by Swedbank. Read more about these options in the Internet Bank under„Property and life insurance”.

Private Pension Portfolio is a unit-linked III pillar life insurance contract where the investment risk is borne by the policyholder. Investment risk means that the yield earned or the loss incurred by the policyholder on the contributions made into the insurance contract depend on the performance of the underlying assets of the insurance contract and the changes in its market prices. The value of the contributions made into the insurance contract changes in time according to the changes in the market value of the financial instruments that are the underlying asset of the insurance contract.
Prior to entry into the contract, please examine the terms and conditions of the contract, the price list and the short prospectus at the The list of investment related risks is specified in the short prospectus. The service provider is Swedbank Life Insurance SE.

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