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Pension made the Skandinavian way

We care for your pension using methods proved valid in Scandinavia.

  • The best investment specialists from here and the North are at your service.
  • Our pension funds have one of the lowest management fees in Estonia.
  • We help to assure that the selected pension fund is the most suitable for you.

Management fees of 2nd pillar pension funds as of 1 February 2016*Management fees of actively managed 2nd pillar pension funds as of 02 January 2017

*Source: Pension Centre,, as of 2 February 2016.Source: Pension Centre,, as of 02 January 2017.

Management fees are the fees paid to fund managers to manage a fund, i.e. the fund's assets. Management fees are deducted from the market value of the fund assets on a daily basis, thus reducing the price of the fund unit.Therefore, low management fees benefit the person saving for their pension. When choosing a pension fund, management fees are one of the important components that should be taken into account. The rate of the management fees is expressed as a percentage for one year.