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How to start investing

Smiling woman is ready to invest.

Let’s make investing simple!

Does the topic of investing make you feel like a child among adults? It’s totally understandable – starting to invest may seem confusing and even difficult.

  • Actually, everyone can invest
  • You can start even with small amounts, for example 1 euro
  • It is the only way to give your money a chance to grow and protect it from inflation.
  • Any time is a good time to start investing. Regular and long-term investing saves you from worry during temporary economic downturns.

So just give it a go and make the first step. We are always here to support you.

How to start investing?

Watch our simple tutorial videos that show you exactly how to carry out investment transactions in our Internet Bank.


Where could I invest?

Stocks, funds, ETFs, bonds? Find the most suitable solution. You can start investing with as little as 1 euro.

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What accounts do I need?

You need a securities account to invest. We also recommend that you use an investment account to defer your income tax liability.

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Which investment option to choose?

Take this simple quiz to find the asset classes you could consider.


Amount you plan to invest

1 / 3

Regular investments

2 / 3

Investment management style

3 / 3

Based on your answers, you might consider investing in the following asset classes:

exchangeRestart the quiz

Please note that the purpose of this quiz is to give an indication of the possible asset classes to consider when starting to invest, depending on your initial investment amount.

This quiz is not investment advice, investment recommendation or an invitation to invest in any asset class mentioned in the quiz and it is not designed to evaluate the suitability or appropriateness of any asset class for your personal circumstances.

Please use Appropriateness Questionnaire for assessing whether particular product group is appropriate for you or seek Investment Advice to find suitable investment and saving solutions.

The aim of this quiz is to demonstrate the investment amount sufficient for starting to invest in the respective asset class. The information provided is based on the considerations of the proportionality of the investment amount compared to the minimum transaction costs for respective asset class, where the bank deems reasonable that minimum transaction costs on average do not exceed 1% of the investment amount.

Just turned 18 years old? We have a gift for you – 15 € worth of investment.
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Your first steps in the Internet bank

Watch the videos below to find out how to make your first investment in the Internet bank.

Which accounts should I open for investing?

Investment account + securities account


Only securities account

A useful choice, also for the beginner investor
Investments are conveniently separated from your daily transactions
Income from investments is subject to declaration
All profits are subject to declaration next year and income tax (20%) has to be paid
You can defer income tax and re-invest your profits tax-free
Filling in your annual tax return is convenient and easy By using the investment account report, which sends the information to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on your behalf.

Where could I invest in?

Good choice for starting investors – start with as little as 1 euro.

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Investing in specific companies.

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For tracking index, sector, commodity, or other assets.

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Investing in debt securities issued by governments or corporations

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Sign up for a free expert consultation – live, video or phone.
The only saving option that allows you to get a tax rebate on your contributions.
All investment possibilities can be used to save money for children. Start by opening a securities account!
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