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Regular Investment

Save long-term by investing regularly

Make your savings work! Start saving by setting up regular investments and select a sum of money that will be automatically invested in a fund of your choice every month.

  • It is convenient and easy to use.
  • Investments from 1 EUR.
  • It is very likely to benefit from the compound interest effect when investing long-term.
  • Long-term regular investing can help to lower possible investments’ risk significantly.
  • As a bonus, transactions and safekeeping of funds is free of charge.
Start investing

When your regular savings grow, with interest or return, you start making money on both: your original saved amount and the actual interest/return. This is called compound effect and it’s very likely to help your savings to grow exponentially in long term.

Enter the amount of regular contributions for the payment frequency selected. You can select monthly, weekly or quarterly for your regular contributions to the regular investments. Enter the amount of your initial investment. Selected earning rate is used for calculations of the estimated results. Earning rates for this contract are not guaranteed and future cannot be predicted. In order to see the impact of different earning rates to your savings you can enter different rates and calculate the results with more positive and negative scenarios. Enter the period in years – for how long you plan to save or invest.
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  • 6 000 
  • 0 
  • 6 000 

What is compound effect?
If you save 10 000 EUR and return is 10%, the capital will increase with 1000 EUR. If return is 10% even net year, the capital will increase with 1100 EUR since now you had 10 000 EUR of your own savings and 1000 EUR from the return of the first year.. In the long run, the compounded-effect can make a big difference.

Important notice about calculator
Purpose of the calculator is to illustrate the return from the investment in a particular time period. Calculator value limits do not refer to maximum or minimum returns in chosen period. Return displayed in the calculator is not guaranteed nor based on real market returns. Fees have not been taken into account. Investing entails risks. Value of any investment may increase or decrease in time. Historic returns do not guarantee similar results in the future.

Using Regular investments is as easy as doing payments via the internet banking.

  • When investing, your savings won’t just accumulate but instead you are giving them a chance to grow.
  • By investing regularly in the long-term, you’ll have a chance to benefit from the compound interest principle. Use the calculator above to see how your savings could grow over time.
  • When you invest regularly the same amount of money, shares are bought when the market is up and when it’s down. In long term, this decreases investment risks.

Need investment advice or help to start regular investments? Book a time for investment consultation.

Enjoy all the advantages of investing in Swedbank Funds:

  • When investing in funds you spread your money and reduce the risk of a single company performing badly.
  • Swedbank Funds are managed by a team of professionals seeking steady and competitive return.
  • Invest in company shares worldwide and identify companies' sustainability risks and opportunities for improvement as well as exerting influence on companies to continuously improve in terms of environmental impact and climate change, human rights, labor standards and business ethics.
  • In order to allow you to take the maximum advantage of investments, transactions in Swedbank Funds in internet banking and safekeeping are free of charge.
  1. Fill in online Investment Advice Questionnaire or register for an investment consultation.
  2. Open a securities account in internet bank. We also recommend you open investment account to prolong income tax payments on the investment returns.
  3. Select the fund for your investments from your Investment Advice report or from list of public funds.
    NB! If you’ve filled in Investment Advice Questionnaire, you’ll only see recommended funds.
  4. After selecting the fund, you’ll set up regular investments. When setting up payments, you can choose amount that will be automatically invested in the fund or funds you’ve selected.


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