Private Portfolio

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Positive ScenarioZero rate scenarioNegative Scenario

Projected value of savings at the end of period
Total payment
Estimated total tax refund
Estimated total fees
Estimated value of savings at the end of period


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Total payment amount in contract year Tax refund Contract fees* Estimated
Investment Reserve

*  according to pricelist (PDF)

Private Portfolio is a unit-linked life insurance contract, and the investment risk thereof rests with the policyholder. All values presented in the table are not guaranteed and only serve as an illustrative example generated based on the values entered in the calculator. Prior to entry into the contract, please examine the terms and conditions of the contract and the price list at the homepage and consult a specialist if necessary. The service provider is Swedbank Life Insurance SE.

The calculator uses indicators and calculating logic (planned amount of insurance payment, length of collection period, expected yield and its scenarios) that differ significantly from the requirements set for main information of combined retail and insurance-based investment products. In making a choice regarding an insurance product please review the results of the forecasts set out in the yield scenario table under ‘What are the risks and what could I get in return?’ in the Key Information document.