Transactions with fund units

In order to perform transactions you will need a securities account,
which you can open in here.

A fund order is an order you give to the bank if you wish to buy or sell units in a particular fund. In a purchase order you note the value up to which you wish to purchase units and state whether the issuance fee of the units forms part of the transaction amount or not. In a sales order you state the amount of units you wish to sell. The bank programme checks whether there are sufficient fund units in your securities account and enough money in your settlement account to pay the service fee. If so, the sales order will be carried out.

I want to place a fund order

On the basis of a standing order the bank purchases fund units for your securities account. You choose the frequency with which you purchase units and the amount you purchase when you enter into your standing order contract. Purchasing fund units through a standing order, the transaction fee is 50% less than if you were to make a one-off purchase. If you do not have sufficient money in your account at the moment when the purchase of units is due to occur, this purchase is skipped and a new purchase order is submitted on the next date set out in the standing order.

I would like to enter into a contract for a fund standing order

Through Swedbank you can buy and sell securities which are traded on the stock market as well as those which are not. To trade in securities off the stock market, you will need to provide your account manager (i.e. Swedbank) with an order to buy or sell securities. The other party in your transaction must provide the same order to their account manager.

Securities transaction against payment means that Swedbank guarantees the transfer of the money from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account. Secure transaction means that no automatic transaction occurs: the buyer must pay for the securities either in cash or by bank transfer.

I want to perform a securities transfer

You can exchange your units for another class of units in the same fund or for the units of another fund managed by the same company. Check the terms and conditions of specific funds for more information. Units are redeemed according to the number and sales price of the exchanged units and new units are issued based on their purchase price. No disbursements are made when you exchange units.

Please note: Voluntary pension fund units can only be exchanged for other voluntary pension fund units and mandatory pension fund units for other mandatory pension fund units.

I want to exchange fund units
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