Achieve your goals faster by saving money on a monthly basis

  • Deposit amount is 100% guaranteed at the end of the deposit period.
  • The state guarantees that 100% of the deposit is compensated, but no more than 100 000 euros per depositor in any one bank.

Which deposit to choose?

Savings deposit

Suitable if there is no large amount to deposit. For people who wish to save some money every month and earn income from it.

Term deposit

Good option to keep your free money in the bank with no risk. The money earns certain income during the deposit period. Clients can choose whether earned income is paid out monthly or at the end of the period.

Minimum deposit amount 6 EUR
100 USD
190 EUR
250 USD
Deposit term 6 months;9 months;
12 months
2 days -
5 years
4 month -
5 years
Interest rate Current interest rates of deposits
Option to add money Yes, unlimited amounts at any time No
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* Investment deposits can be opened in another currency too. Further information on minimum amount and interest rates.

Advantages of deposits

  • Useful Different deposits offer you different earning options.
  • Risk-free Your investment is 100% guaranteed at the end of the deposit period.
  • Compensation of deposits The state guarantees that 100% of the deposit is compensated, but no more than 100 000 euros per depositor in any one bank.

Compensation of deposits

Deposits of up to 100 000 euros are guaranteed to the extent of 100% per depositor in any one credit institution. A settlement account is also considered a deposit pursuant to the Guarantee Fund Act. Deposits are compensated with the interest earned by the day the deposit is stopped, but no more than the established limit. This means that an amount deposited in any bank registered in Estonia, incl. Swedbank, is fully guaranteed by the state to the extent of said amount.

: In addition, the sales proceeds of residential real estate of a natural person are guaranteed up to 70,000 euros within 6 months as of the sales transaction.

If a deposit is subject to compensation pursuant to the Guarantee Fund Act, then this is noted on the deposit statement.

Further information about the procedure, payment and deadlines of compensation can be found on the homepage of the Guarantee Fund.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which deposits does Swedbank offer?

    Different term deposits, savings deposits and investment deposits.

  • Why deposit in Swedbank?

    Swedbank is a reliable partner for many years. We offer several different deposits. We will find the terms that suit you.

  • What deposit periods are offered?

    Depending on the amount and the deposit type, you can deposit your money for periods from 2 days to 5 years. One person may have several different deposits.

  • What is a term deposit?

    Money grows without any risks in a term deposit. We will pay you a certain interest for the deposit period. We offer deposit periods from 2 days to 5 years. The interest earned is transferred to your current account either at the end of the deposit period or once every month. The latter is a good option for earning extra money.

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  • What is a term e-deposit?

    A term deposit entered into in the Internet bank is an e-deposit. It is more profitable than a term deposit set up at a branch. Higher income is earned on deposits opened in euros.

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  • What is a savings deposit?

    Savings deposit is a flexible option of saving money for bigger outgoings. All you need to open a deposit is 6 euros and you can always add money to the deposit.

    More about the options of savings deposits
  • What is an investment deposit?

    An investment deposit is a term deposit that helps you make your money earn on the stock markets. You will earn more income if the prices of the securities that are the underlying asset of the deposit increase. The deposited amount is always 100% guaranteed, because you will not lose the deposited amount if the prices of securities drop. It may happen that you do not earn any income.

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  • What does automatic extension of a deposit mean? Will the income earned with the previous deposit be preserved?

    Your deposit contract will be extended by the same term if you select the automatic extension of your deposit. The interest rate and terms and conditions of the deposit contract effective at the moment of extension are used as its basis. You can amend the automatic extension term at any time. You can also specify whether you want to extend the deposit including the earned income or only in the principal amount. Term and savings deposits can be automatically extended.

  • If I have opened a term deposit, will it extend automatically as an e-deposit?

    The currently effective e-deposit interest rate is not applied to term deposits opened before 4 September 2008 that extend automatically after the expiry of the deposit term. The deposit is extended with the ordinary term deposit interest rate that is currently effective. Please wait until the end of the deposit term in order to earn as much as possible. Enter into a new contract for a term e-deposit in the Internet bank when your current deposit expires.

  • How can I enter into a deposit contract?

    The easiest way of entering into a deposit contract is in the Internet bank. It only takes a few minutes. Select the suitable deposit type from the Deposits menu on the left-hand side of the Investments, savings, pension page. Fill in the required fields and read the deposit terms, then agree with the terms in order to enter into the contract. You can also open deposits at branches of the bank. Call Swedbank Client Support on 6 310 310 if you have any questions or to book a consultation.

  • What deposit should I go for?

    • If you have a large amount of money that you do not wish to use at present, then one of the options is to place it into a term deposit. This allows you to earn income from a certain amount during the agreed period. The term e-deposits in euros opened in the Internet bank earn more income than deposits entered into at branches of the bank.
    • If you want to save regularly, we recommend the savings deposit that you can top up at any time and by any amounts. All extra money paid into the deposit will start earning interest immediately after it is received on the deposit account. You can enter into a savings deposit contract for 6, 9 or 12 months and the interest rate depends on the deposit term, not the amount. Savings deposit is suitable for everyone – it offers the option to increase the deposit by making extra payments and to make free money earn interest.
    • Investment deposit is meant for people who are more prepared to take risks and wish to earn income from the changes in the prices of securities during the deposit period. At the same time, the principal amount of your deposit is 100% guaranteed. You earn more interest in favourable conditions.

    The deposit calculator will help you decide which deposit is the best for you! Call Swedbank Client Support on 6 310 310 if you have any questions or to book a consultation.

  • Can I add money to my deposit?

    You can add money to savings deposits. Read more about adding to your deposit here.

    In the case of a term deposit, you earn income from a certain amount to which you cannot add. You can also not add to investment deposits. You can always open a new deposit if you have a term or investment deposit and want to deposit more money.

  • How can I cancel a deposit?

    Clients can cancel their term deposits and savings deposits early at any time by terminating the deposit contract in the Internet or telephone bank or at any branch of the bank. The bank does not pay out the interest earned if the client terminates the contract before the expiry of the deposit term. The bank will withhold the income paid out from the deposit amount transferred to the client’s account.

    Cancelling an investment deposit before the sales deadline is free. However, if you wish to cancel during the term of the deposit, you will have to pay a fee, which is a certain percentage of the amount of the deposit. If you have earned any income up to the point at which you cancel the deposit and it is larger than the cancellation fee, the balance is yours to keep. For example, if the interest rate at the moment of cancellation is 15% and the cancellation fee rate is 7%, you will be paid the remaining 8%. The less time there is until the end of the deposit term, the smaller the cancellation fee.

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