Achieve your goals faster by saving money on a monthly basis

  • Deposit amount is 100% guaranteed at the end of the deposit period.
  • The state guarantees that 100% of the deposit is compensated, but no more than 100 000 euros per depositor in any one bank.

Which deposit to choose?

Savings deposit

For people who wish to save some money every month.

Term deposit

Good option to keep your free money in the bank with no risk.

Minimum deposit amount 6 EUR
100 USD
190 EUR
250 USD
Deposit term 6 months;9 months;
12 months
2 days -
5 years
4 month -
5 years
Interest rate Current interest rates of deposits
Option to add money Yes, unlimited amounts at any time No
Open deposit

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Open deposit

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  • From 01.01.2018 all interest paid out on deposits (including settlement accounts) is subject to income tax. This taxation is only applicable to private Estonian residents.
  • The bank withholds the income tax and transfers it to the Tax and Customs Board. The withheld income tax is automatically included in the client’s income tax return.
  • If the deposit is interrupted prematurely, the bank will refund the withheld income tax.

Compensation of deposits

  • The state guarantees that 100% of the deposit is compensated, but no more than 100 000 euros per depositor in any one bank.
  • A settlement account is also considered a deposit pursuant to the Guarantee Fund Act.
  • In addition, the sales proceeds of residential real estate of a natural person are guaranteed up to 70,000 euros within 6 months as of the sales transaction.

If a deposit is subject to compensation pursuant to the Guarantee Fund Act, then this is noted on the deposit statement.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Guarantee Fund.

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