Term deposit

Good opportunity to deposit your free money in the bank in total safety

  • If you open a deposit through the Internet bank, your interest rate will be up to 0.02% higher.
  • The term of your deposit can be from two days to five years.
  • You can extend the term of the deposit upon its expiry or choose automatic
    extension when you open the deposit.
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Deposit attribute

  • You can open a term deposit in euros or in a foreign currency.
  • Enter into a term deposit contract through the Internet bank, your interest rate will be up to 0.02% higher. Read more about term e-deposits.
  • No additional payments can be made into a term deposit during its term.
  • You can terminate your deposit early if you need to, but in this case the bank will not pay you any interest for the time that your money has been deposited. The deposit sum will be transferred to your account as soon as you terminate the deposit.

Automatic extension

When entering into your contract you can select a deposit with automatic extension. This means that when the term of your deposit comes to an end, it will be automatically extended by the same period with the interest rate valid at the time of extension.

You can choose between these two options:

  • the deposit is extended with the interest earned, i.e. the interest earned for the previous deposit period is added to the deposit sum; or
  • only the sum of the deposit is extended and the interest you have earned is transferred to your settlement account.

Deposit interest rates

The interest calculated on the deposit amount will be transferred to your account either every month or at the end of the deposit term, whichever you prefer. The term of the deposit will be calculated from the day the deposit amount is received in the deposit account.

Term deposit interest rates


  • From 01.01.2018 all interest paid out on deposits (including settlement accounts) is subject to income tax. This taxation is only applicable to private Estonian residents.
  • The bank withholds the income tax and transfers it to the Tax and Customs Board. The withheld income tax is automatically included in the client’s income tax return.
  • If the deposit is interrupted prematurely, the bank will refund the withheld income tax.

Early termination of your deposit

While your contract remains valid you cannot change the way in which interest is paid. In the event of early termination of your contract the bank will not pay interest on the current deposit period. If you have selected a deposit with monthly interest payments, the bank will deduct the amount of interest already paid out from your deposit sum. The already withheld income tax will be automatically transferred back to the client if the deposit is interrupted.

Compensation of deposits

The deposit is guaranteed in the extent of the amount determined by the Guarantee Fund. Deposits are compensated in the extent of 100%, but not more than 100 000 euros per depositor in one credit institution.

More about the Guarantee Fund