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Savings deposits

Use the Easy Saver instead of a savings deposit

  • The Easy Saver allows you to save money quickly and conveniently. To this end, use the rounding option from card payments, standing order or make additional payments yourself.
  • If you have a valid savings deposit agreement, you can use it until its date of expiry. It is not possible to open a new savings deposit. We recommend using the Easy Saver for saving.
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Interest rates of savings deposit

Period EUR USD
6 months 0.01 0.05
9 months 0.01 0.05
12 months 0.02 0.05

Interest rate is presented on a basis of accounting year (360 days). Interest is calculated for the actual deposit days.


  • From 01.01.2018 all interest paid out on deposits (including settlement accounts) is subject to income tax. This taxation is only applicable to private Estonian residents.
  • The bank withholds the income tax and transfers it to the Tax and Customs Board. The withheld income tax is automatically included in the client’s income tax return.
  • If the deposit is interrupted prematurely, the bank will refund the withheld income tax.


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