Easy Saver

When saving becomes easy

The Easy Saver will help your savings grow in small but smart steps. It is up to you to choose the favourite way to save – try them all and find out what works best for you. Easy Saver allows you to top up your savings account by:

  • rounding up each card payment
  • setting up a standing order to save regularly
  • freely adding money to savings account whenever you want to
Start saving
Add savings goal EUR Remove savings goal
  • 30  EUR
  • 50  EUR
  • 80EUR
  • 0months
Start saving

Easy Saver is a deposit, which allows you to save money step by step. No minimum first contribution requirement applies. With Easy Saver you decide yourself how much to add to savings. This is available in our mobile app and Internet Banking.

Set a savings goal and start topping up your savings by:

  • using card payment round-up feature – top up your savings with every card payment;
  • setting up a standing order to reach your saving goal faster;
  • depositing extra money to your Easy Saver. It will help to reach your goal even faster;
  • setting up multiple Easy Saver goals and savings accounts to reach them.

Good to know

  • You can use the money saved in part or in full or terminate the contract at any time, free of charge. Interest calculated on the deposit amount is transferred to your Easy Saver account.
  • Keep in mind to check your account balance regularly when using card payments round-up function. If you‘ve got financial obligations, make sure to maintain a sufficient balance to meet them.

It is easy to contribute to your savings with card payment round-up feature. The more often you use your card to pay, the more you will save.

  • When you start using the Easy Saver, the round-up feature is enabled automatically. Enable/disable the round-up feature at any time in your settings.
  • An amount equivalent to the difference between the purchase amount and the next full euro amount will be transferred to your Easy Saver account. For example, if you pay €2.35, then €0.65 will be transferred from your servicing account to the Easy Saver.
  • Round-up is applied to payments made by all your cards – both debit and credit. For example, if you pay by credit card, an amount transferred from your servicing account to your Easy Saver, not from your credit card account.
  • The round-up feature may be activated for one goal at the time. If you’ll open several savings accounts, you’ll need to select which one will be debited with round-up feature.
  1. You can conclude an Easy Saver agreement via our mobile app or Internet Banking.
  2. Set the goal. This way, you will always remember the purpose of the saving and you can observe how you get closer and closer to the goal.
  3. Have in mind, that card payment round-up feature is activated automatically. You can enable/disable this feature at any time in Easy Saver settings.
  4. To save faster and regularly you can add a standing order.
  5. Remember, with Easy Saver you can add or withdraw money at any time without any fees.

Tip! Would you like the money sent by a friend to go to your Easy Saver? Use our "Money request" option in our app and select the Easy Saver account as you request the money and it will be transferred there automatically.

  • Deposits can be made in EUR only.
  • The Easy Saver is available from the age of 18.
  • The agreement is open-ended. You can terminate the contract at any time without fees.
  • No fee charged for withdrawing money.
  • You will find the current interest rate here. Swedbank withholds the income tax and transfers it to the Tax and Customs Board. The withheld income tax is automatically included in your income tax return.
Easy Saver terms and conditions
Currency EUR
Annual interest rate 0.01

There is no minimum amount for Easy Saver. Interest rate is presented on a basis of accounting year (360 days). Interest is calculated for the actual deposit days.

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