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Good performance in school gives a 25% discount on the College Fund and College Fund+ administration fee
If your child gets all 5’s on their final school report for the year (or even if there’s one 4 among them), bring the report in to your nearest branch or e-mail it to, let us know what your agreement number is and we’ll take 25% off the administration fee for your agreement! Grades for behaviour and diligence are taken into account, too. The discount is valid from the date of submission of the school report until 31 July the following year.

Save money for your kids

The College Fund+ will help you save enough money over the years for your child to finance their studies, make a deposit on their first home or do something else just as important. Save money for your kids to cover the costs they incur in:

  • starting out on their own
  • studying
  • travelling
  • pursuing hobbies
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College fund+ calculator

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At contract end date:

Positive scenario

Zero rate scenario

Negative scenario

Projected payout at contract end:

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Total premiums:

Projected market value of savings at contract end:

Estimated annual average earning rates of underlying assets
Equities: 7% 0% -7%
Medium-term (5-7 years) bonds: 4% 0% -4%
Short-term (1-3 years) bonds: 2% 0% -2%
  See detailed results for the positive scenario See detailed results for the zero rate scenario See detailed results for the negative scenario

All values generated by this calculator are not guaranteed and only serve as an illustrative example generated based on the values entered into the calculator. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the value of the contract's underlying assets may increase or decrease during the contract lifetime and also the value of the reserve may accordingly increase or decrease in line with the value of the contract's underlying assets.

What is College Fund+?

College Fund+ is a life insurance contract where contributions are invested in funds. During the time when you save money in College Fund+, the allocation of equity and bond funds is changed automatically in accordance with the time left until the expiry of the contract. You don't have to worry about the selected funds or about changing them – we take care of that.
Change of investments over time

Flexible contributions

Making regular contributions is the most affordable and dependable manner of increasing the start-up money of your child. No entrance fee or other transaction fees are charged on contributions made to College Fund+. Also, using e-invoice standing order agreement for your contributions means that you don't have to pay the service fee of payment orders. Other people, such as the grandparents, uncles and aunts of your child, can also make contributions into the contract either as regular payments or one-off payments on the child's birthday or other occasions.

The Guarantee

What makes the College Fund+ contract unique is the guarantee. The guarantee ensures that even if the investments made into College Fund+ have lost most of their value, your child will get contributions and the contract fees are the only amounts subtracted.
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Bonus for good performance in school

You child can help grow the money in the College Fund+ themselves when they start going to school: if the child's marks at the end of the year are all 'excellent', Swedbank will reward this by cutting the administration fees by 25%.

To whom?

College Fund+ is suitable for clients who are prepared to take higher risks during the savings period in order to achieve a higher yield.

College Fund+ is not suitable for clients whose risk tolerance is very low. You should also think twice before you sign the contract if the savings period is very short.
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Good overview of savings in Internet Bank

If you have any questions, please call our Investment Helpline on 613 1606 (from 8:30 am to 6 pm on business days). The Investment Helpline will also help you if you want to amend your College Fund+ contract.

The start-up capital saved in the Fund will be paid out to the child after the expiry of the contract

After the end of the agreed savings period the beneficiary, i.e. the child for whom the money was saved, submits an application for the money and their identity document to the insurance company. The payout at contract maturity equals the biggest of: value of savings (value of underlying assets minus contract fees) at that moment or the guaranteed amount (total sum of contributions minus contract fees). The guarantee does not apply to the money paid into the Fund if the contract is terminated early.

The value of the funds may change during the contract period

College Fund+ is a unit-linked life insurance contract where the investment risk is borne by the policyholder. Investment risk means that the yield earned or the loss incurred by the policyholder on the contributions made into the insurance contract depend on the performance of the underlying assets of the insurance contract and the changes in its market prices. The value of the funds may go down as well as up during the contract period.

Should you pass away, the insurer will pay the agreed amount into College Fund+

Saving money in College Fund+ gives you the security that even if you're no longer there, your child will have the money they need to start an independent life or go to college. In the event of the policyholder's death the insurance company continues making the contributions until the expiry of the contract, which means that you child will get the money in any case.

Please read the terms and conditions of the contract and the price list before you sign the contract and consult an expert if necessary. College Fund+ is offered by Swedbank Life Insurance SE.

  • Why do regular contributions to a School Fund+ contract make sense?

    Saving regularly reduces the so-called wrong timing risk, i.e. the risk that units are purchased for a large amount of money at a time when the prices are not good. Even experienced investors find it difficult to enter a fund at the best time or to find the moment when the prices of fund units are the lowest. Investing regularly gives you the opportunity to buy fund units when the markets are up or down, which generally gives you a better average purchase price than one-off investments. It also helps to sustain the price decreases of fund units better.
  • Can I change the allocation of the investment between equities and bonds?

    You cannot change the allocation yourself. During the time when you save money in College Fund+, the allocation of equity and bond funds is changed automatically in accordance with the time left until the expiry of the contract. Most of the money is paid into equity funds at the start of the contract and the share of bond funds increases as the expiry date of the contract gets closer.
  • How can I terminate the contract and how much would it cost me?

    You can terminate your College Fund+ contract at any branch or in the Internet Bank. In order to terminate the contract in the Internet Bank, you must first call the Investment Helpline on 613 1606 or send an e-mail to The service fee you have to pay for the termination of the contract is 1% of the amount paid out, but not less than 20 euros if the application for termination is submitted before five years have passed from entry into the contract. No service fee is charged when the child turns 18 and the contract has been in force for at least five years.
    The market value of the fund units is paid out if the contract is terminated early, i.e. the guarantee does not apply.
  • What do I have to do if I want to stop making regular contributions to my College Fund+ contract?

    You can terminate the regular payment schedule in the Internet Bank. Find the option under your College Fund+ contract by going to Property and life insurance->My contracts->College Fund+->Amendments->Amend method of payment. After you cancel regular payments, you can carry on contributing to the contract by making payments in the amounts and at the times that are suitable for you.
  • What should I keep my eye on during the saving period? Are there any changes I have to make during this time?

    It is important to make sure that the amounts you save for your child meet your goal. Are you saving start-up money for your child so they can acquire a certain academic degree (e.g. Master's degree) or to give them a good start in their independent life (e.g. a deposit for a mortgage loan or money to cover rent)? You can test various case scenarios using the the College Fund+ calculator in order to evaluate how much money you might need for the achievement of your goal.
  • What happens if I am not there for my child anymore?

    The beneficiary in the College Fund+ contract is the child and the money saved on the basis of the contract is not part of your estate. This means that if there are other heirs at the time the contract is signed, no payouts will be made to them from College Fund+ pursuant to the general procedure of succession and when the contract expires, the money will only be paid out to the child for whom the contract was set up. The insurance company will continue making contributions into the contract in the event of the policyholder's death, thereby guaranteeing that you child will receive the amount intended by you after the contract expires.
  • Can I insure my life with the College Fund+ contract?

    As the purpose of the College Fund+ contract is to save money for your child, then it is not suitable for ordinary life insurance. In the case of an insured event the insurer will continue paying the agreed amount for every month left until the expiry of the contract. The amount of said cover guarantees regular payments for your child even if you should pass away early.
    If you would like to take out life insurance to offer more security to your family, we advise you to select a suitable solution from among the insurance options offered by Swedbank: life insurance plus, loan insurance or Life insurance. You can read more about them in the 'Property and life insurance' section in the Internet Bank.
  • How do I know that this contract will help me achieve my savings goals?

    The money paid into College Fund+ is invested in funds whose yield is not guaranteed. This is why it's important to assess whether the service and the underlying assets are a match for your risk tolerance before you sign a College Fund+ contract. You can assess your risk tolerance before you sign the contract and you can also do it here any time you wish.
  • How does College Fund+ differ from the earlier College Fund?

    • The allocation between equity and bond funds is changed during the contract according to the time left until its expiry. At the start of the contract the fund invests mainly in assets that are riskier and have a higher expected yield, but the conservative assets share is increased over the years until they are in the majority at the expiry of the contract.
    • Unlike the earlier contracts, we no longer offer a broad selection of funds with the resulting opportunity to opt for a higher risk than you realise.
    • We have added the guarantee, which ensures that if the underlying asset of the contract loses the majority of its value, the minimum payout after the expiry of the contract is contributions made to the contract minus contract fees. Read more here.
  • What should I do if I have invested in the earlier College Fund?

    We advise you to fill in Swedbank's risk questionnaire, compare the result with the investment strategy and service selected by you and make changes if necessary. The clients who have combined an individual portfolio on the basis of a wider selection of funds, but who would rather prefer managed solutions, should evaluate the suitability of the existing solution. Such clients can update the selected product terms as a whole and continue saving in the new College Fund+. The terms can be amended free of charge. If you need further information, call the Swedbank Investment Helpline on 613 1606 or send an e-mail to

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