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Travel insurance

If you have to travel, take travel insurance with you

  • You can get insurance for medical assistance (€500,000), luggage, and travel failure.
  • Take additional covers for sports trips and dangerous activities.
  • Due to the spread of COVID-19, Travel Insurance doesn’t cover the costs of medical assistance and travel failures related to the virus (e.g. costs incurred due to extension or cancellation of your trip).
If you have decided to cancel your trip, please be informed that you can also end your Travel Insurance and within working 5 days, we’ll refund you the insurance premium paid.

Travel insurance calculator

Insurance period
Insurance territory

Scope of coverages

Medical assistance insurance
Accident insurance
Accident insurance will be added automatically if you have selected medical assistance insurance.
Luggage and personal items
You have selected cover for luggage and personal belongings in the sum of € 0, which means that you will not be reimbursed for any unexpected damage caused to those items. You can change this preference.
Travel failure
You have selected liability insurance in the sum of € 0. This means that any damage you cause to third parties will not be reimbursed. You can change this preference.
Liability and legal assistance insurance
Liability and legal assistance insurance will be added automatically if you have selected luggage, personal items and travel failure insurance.

Additional covers
  • Hazardous activity cover can be bought together with medical assistance insurance cover.
  • Working abroad cover can be bought together with medical assistance insurance cover.
  • Sports trip cover can be bought together with medical assistance, luggage and personal items and travel failure insurance cover.

Age of insured person

Log into the internet bank if you wish to receive an insurance offer for more than 5 travellers at once.
Number of days
Number of insured
Insurance premiumFinal insurance premium
Why should I take travel Insurance?

Travel insurance doesn’t take any space in your backpack and helps you with unexpected events when travelling abroad.

  • Most often travel plans get interrupted by illness or delay in transport. In some cases, the losses may exceed thousands of euros.
  • Medical expenses for treating illnesses or traumas abroad can be very high. Especially when special transportation (f.e. helicopter) is needed. In some cases, losses exceed € 150 000.
  • Average loss for damaged luggage or stolen property is more than € 500.
Why to choose Swedbank travel insurance?
  • You get 500 000 € medical assistance insurance covers medical care and transport expenses.
  • You get 10 000 € accident insurance covers bodily injuries experienced when travelling.
  • You can choose the cover sums for travel disruption insurance cover, luggage and personal items insurance cover.
  • Your active leisure will also be insured without additional fee.

NB! The excess of €30 applies when something happens to your property, the travel itinerary changes or liability and legal assistance are needed.

When to choose additional covers?

Choose an additional cover if you’re going to engage in:

  • Hazardous activities insurance
    Choose this extra cover, if you’re planning to enjoy increased-risk activities or extreme sports such as off-piste skiing/snowboarding, diving to depths of more than 10 m, mountain hiking at altitudes 4500 m to 5500 m above sea level, etc. Read more.
  • Sports trip
    This insurance extends the Property and Travel disruption insurance. It will give an additional sum to insure your sports equipment and give you a closed tracks insurance.
  • Working abroad
    Choose this extra cover when travelling abroad for employment or practical training.

Find the detailed overview in the terms and conditions.

Book and pay for hotels and use car rental services.

Make sure your home is insured when you go travelling.

Travelling by car? Make sure you are covered for unexpected events on the road.


Insurance claims handling

In case of medical expenses exceeding 1000 €, please contact us first by phone.

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