Life insurance comparison

Only on 25 October life insurance for six months 25% off!

I need insurance if:

  • I have close ones I care about and who are dependent on my income;
  • I have loan commitments;
  • I do not have enough savings to live without income for one year.

The 25% discount on life insurance applies to new Life Insurance, Life Insurance Plus and Loan Insurance agreements.

Which insurance to choose?

Loan amount:
Net monthly income:
Approximate savings:

By filling in the fields on the left, you can calculate the amount of the needed sum insured.

Approximate insurance needs:


Life insurance

Covers for the loss of income of a close one.

Life insurance plus

Compensates for the loss of income, covers major liabilities, and other expenses.

Loan insurance and Loan payment insurance

Helps to repay the loan in the event of no work ability or death.

Sum insured 13 260€ From 20 000 € From 3000 €
The contract can be entered into by 18-50 years 18-69 years 18-69 years
Life insurance cover
No work ability cover  
Cover of temporary incapacity for work    
Trauma insurance - NEW!    
Unemployment cover    
Double cover in case of traffic accident    
Payout receiver Beneficiary or policyholder Beneficiary Swedbank
Insurance payment and cover decreasing over time     Insurance payment and cover decrease while the loan balance diminishes.
Monthly insurance payment From 8,84 € Calculator Calculator
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Loan insurance (life insurance cover along with supplementary insurance cover in the case of no work ability) is offered by Swedbank Life Insurance SE.
Loan payment protection insurance (cover of temporary incapacity for work and unemployment cover) is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS.

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